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Setting Criteria goals for your LED Project

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A Critical Guide to Setting Criteria goals for your LED Project

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Narrowing down the best LED solution for your organization can be a challenge. The LED Industry has thousands of lighting options, and not all of them offer the same results. Without knowing product specifics, you might select an LED lamp that provides optimal performance but does nothing for energy efficacy. That is why prioritizing your LED goals should be your first step in any LED Retrofit project. No matter what your lighting application is, a full review of these factors is needed to prioritize them based on your LED Retrofit goals. We created this guide for LED projects; it will lead to the appropriate LED lighting solution for your organization.

In A Critical Guide to Setting Criteria goals for your LED Project, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate the three critical end goals for any LED Project
  • Assess your energy savings – examples included
  • Evaluate your lighting performance – examples included
    • Often overlooked lighting performance factors
  • How to evaluate your maintenance savings – examples included
    • Maintenance considerations you can’t forget
  • Review of successful LED retrofits
  • A few thoughts to end your Action Services Group guide for LED projects eBook experience

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