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Interior & Exterior LED Retrofit Project Management

We approach LED retrofit solutions with a manufacturer product-neutral mindset. Our objective is to provide the best solution using thoroughly tested, highly reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective products. We utilize the expertise of multiple partners to support our customers’ complex product, installation, and incentive objectives. Our partnerships allow us to offer “Turn-Key” capability for our LED Lighting upgrades.

The first question you should ask yourself: Is an LED Retrofit right for my business?

With the above question in mind, when considering an LED Retrofit for your lighting solution, three performance factors need to be examined: energy savings, lighting performance, and maintenance. At Action Services Group, we walk you through the possibilities and design a LED solution that produces your desired results.

We understand the time, money, and resources needed to complete an LED Retrofit. Our goal is to keep your business running while upgrading your lighting systems and completing your project on time and within budget. With over 20,000 successful lighting retrofits completed, Action Services Group is the nation’s first choice for a Turn-Key LED Retrofit.

Retrofit Your Lighting Problems

Are you looking for an LED solution that offers significant energy savings? Or are you looking to reduce your annual maintenance costs? What about improving the lighting performance for your employees and customers? There are many reasons organizations decide to perform an LED upgrade, but there is always a problem you are looking to retrofit. 

Narrowing down the best LED retrofit solution for your organization can be a trying process. You want to retrofit your lighting problems, not just replace them with new ones. That is why here at Action Services Group, we start every LED retrofit by value engineering and customizing a solution based on your project goals. 

There are thousands of lighting options available in the LED market, and not all of them produce the same results. With this in mind, without knowing the product specifics, you might select an LED lamp that provides optimal performance but does not provide the energy efficacy needed to lower your energy costs. For this reason, we help you make the right decisions based on your desired end goals. 

Example of Commercial LED Retrofit Goals
LED Retrofit goal savings Graph

Maximizing LED Upgrade Savings with Lighting Controls

When it comes to upgrading your lighting system, LED retrofits are an excellent choice for energy efficiency and cost savings. But did you know that combining LED upgrades with advanced lighting controls can unlock even greater benefits?

Lighting Controls give you the ability to manage your lighting system dynamically, adjusting brightness, timing, and even color to match your needs precisely. By integrating LED lighting with sophisticated controls, you gain unprecedented control over your lighting environment, leading to enhanced comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency.

Pairing LED retrofits with lighting controls creates a synergy that goes beyond the sum of its parts. Here’s how:

Energy Icon_Red Ring
Energy Icon_Red Ring
Maintenance Icon_Green Ring

Increased Energy Optimization

LED lights are already highly efficient, but when coupled with smart controls, you can fine-tune energy usage further. Lighting controls allow for automated dimming, scheduling, and occupancy sensing, ensuring lights are only on when and where needed.

Customized Settings with LED Lighting Controls 

With lighting controls, you can create personalized lighting profiles tailored to specific areas or tasks. Whether it’s adjusting brightness levels in conference rooms or implementing daylight harvesting in office spaces, you have the flexibility to optimize lighting for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Additional Maintenance Savings

Lighting controls can also extend the lifespan of LED fixtures by reducing unnecessary usage. By dimming lights during low-traffic hours or scheduling shutdowns during off-peak times, you minimize wear and tear on your lighting infrastructure, leading to fewer replacements and maintenance costs over time.

Investing in LED retrofits combined with lighting controls isn’t just about immediate savings—it’s a strategic move to future-proof your lighting infrastructure. As energy regulations evolve and technology advances, having a flexible, adaptable lighting system in place ensures you remain ahead of the curve and continue to reap the benefits for years to come. Learn More About Lighting Controls Here!

Additional LED Retrofit Resources

We understand the lighting problems facing organizations in today’s fluctuating markets. For example, there are an abundance of LED products and solutions available to commercial organizations. The decisions before you can seem endless, and your questions are sure to be mounting. Below are a few additional resources that we think might help, and you can always schedule a call to speak with one of our LED lighting and project management experts!

Essential Guide to Calculating Savings - Slanted Cover on eBook for Web Updated

The Essential Guide to Calculating Savings and ROI

Calculating energy savings in an LED retrofit can be difficult. If you are responsible for your company’s new construction projects, building maintenance, facility design, or energy costs, this guide’s for you. When you’re responsible for one or all of these things, energy consumption is something that’s going to come across your desk. Transparency is key when you’re considering retrofitting to LED lighting and are wondering which manufacturer to partner with.

Download this free resource now, and start calculating your savings.

More Resources - Commercial Building Retrofits for Sustainability

Commercial Building Retrofits for Sustainability

Older buildings are responsible for an estimated 76% of energy used, and 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, according to the Quadrennial Technology Review – An Assessment of Energy Technologies and Research Opportunities released by the U.S. Federal Government.

New building owners may feel overwhelmed with the available energy-saving options, but what about older buildings? Owners can take advantage of retrofits for commercial buildings. The cost for energy-efficient upgrades is decreasing as technology advances.

In this article, we will discuss the best areas to retrofit first and what you should expect from an LED retrofit focusing on sustainability.


Benefits of an LED Upgrade

Benefits of an LED Retrofit in 2024

Operating and capital expenses commonly take up most of a business’s resources, but there are cost-effective projects that can improve your bottom line. An LED retrofit can impact almost every aspect of your business, including your employees, third-party partners, and visitors.

Productivity, efficiency, and reducing operating costs are a few common areas businesses want to improve. How can LED retrofits in 2023 make improvements in these and other areas?

Click here to explore a few examples!

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