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Countries Find Solutions for Global Energy Crisis

Australia is in the face of a massive energy crisis. Their country’s solution; shut off all the lights for two hours a night. The energy minister is pushing for citizens of South Wales to turn off their lights to conserve the energy due to the crisis. South Wales...

Benefits of Next Gen LED in Healthcare

Benefits of Next Gen LED in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are trying to balance operating costs, while also meeting stringent safety and sanitation standards. Their goal is to provide a calm and healing experience for patients. Visitor and patient safety is another concern. The facilities...

What is the Lifespan of an LED?

What is the Lifespan of an LED?

LEDs are becoming one of the most popular bulb choice due to their energy conserving abilities and adaptability. One of the main selling point about LEDs is how long-lasting they are, and it requires less maintenance for facility managers to have fixed or replaced....

Holiday Decoration Safety That Prevents Fires

Holiday Decoration Safety That Prevents Fires

Even though it hasn’t passed Thanksgiving yet, people are ready to begin decorating for the holidays. The time of year is coming when people cover their homes and businesses in holiday lights and decorations inside and out. From the Christmas tree to outdoor displays,...

Air and Space Smithsonian Embraces Digital Signage

Air and Space Smithsonian Embraces Digital Signage

In Washington D.C., new digital signage was added to the Smithsonian museums and airport locations. The Air and Space Museum is presenting its newly renovated exhibits that include digital signs to help guide visitors through the museum. It is only partially open to...

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