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National Life Safety Lighting Services

Safety is of utmost importance in commercial buildings, and providing a secure environment for employees and customers during emergencies is crucial. You can ensure the safety and security of your commercial buildings with our comprehensive Life Safety Lighting Services. At Action Services Group we offer national life safety lighting programs in full compliance with the NFPA Life Safety Code 101 as it relates to lighting, providing you peace of mind during emergencies.


90-Minute Testing –

Push-Button Testing

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Battery and

Bulb Replacement

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Emergency and

Exit Light Installation

Our certified electricians and technicians can service each of your facilities, regardless of whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred locations. We will conduct thorough inspections and servicing of emergency exit lighting at each of your locations, including bulb and battery replacements, emergency and exit light installations. Our offerings include 90-minute testing or push-button testing to meet the minimum requirements set by the life safety code.

Our Life Safety Lighting Service Process

During your emergency light inspection, we inspect the lighting system to ensure it is in satisfactory condition according to NFPA standards. A complete test is conducted to ensure illumination for a minimum of 90 minutes, meeting OSHA, NFPA, and NEC minimum standards.

Our thorough inspection covers cleaning battery terminals and leads, ensuring proper placement of emergency lights and exit signs, and checking energy efficiency.

All devices are tagged or labeled as required, and we diligently perform record-keeping tasks. In addition to identifying any potential detrimental site conditions, we compile a comprehensive inspection report. This report outlines any deficiencies and provides recommendations for corrective actions in line with recognized codes for care and maintenance.

Monthly and Annual Life Safety Lighting Services Available

We offer both monthly maintenance inspections as well as the mandatory annual emergency lighting inspections required by NFPA Life Safety Code 101.

Monthly Life Safety Maintenance Inspections: Monthly inspections are conduct, ensuring emergency lighting is in its designated place, free from physical damage, and functional through push test switches. We verify that lamps are illuminated and directed correctly, maintaining a log for inspection by the authority having jurisdiction.

Annual Life Safety Inspections: Annually, we conduct a thorough examination of each unit, testing batteries and lighting systems for the required 90 minutes. We check battery condition, voltage, and manufacturer date, inspect lamps or bulbs for damage and proper operation, and ensure the charging circuit is functioning correctly. Finally, we apply emergency lighting test labels upon completion.

To discuss your Life Safety Lighting Service needs with one of our service specialists, schedule a call that fits your need by click the button below.

Additional Life Safety Lighting Resources

We understand the life safety lighting service problems facing organizations in today’s fluctuating markets. The decisions before you can seem endless, and your questions are sure to be mounting. Below are a few additional resources that we think might help, and you can always schedule a call to speak with one of our life safety lighting services experts!

LED Emergency Lighting

LED Emergency Lighting: It’s Time to Retrofit

Emergency lighting is just as important, if not more, than the other fixtures within your establishment. Often on in the background of our everyday lives, this life safety lighting becomes critical when an emergency occurs. If your emergency lighting is not up to par, the consequences can be fatal.

Today, most experts recommend the use of light-emitting diode (LED) emergency lighting. And there are major benefits when utilizing LEDs for your life safety emergancy lighitng.

Click here to learn more! 

emergency signage

Emergency Signage that Keeps your Facility Safe

Some states like California have specific requirements when it comes to emergency signage in commercial buildings. Federal regulations also cover safety signage, and it’s not something you want to ignore. Along with potential fines from government officials, not having emergency signage can also lead to lawsuits and other penalties.

Here’s a quick look at the types of life safety signage often required in commercial spaces.

Click here to learn more.

Emergency Lighting – Ensuring Performance and Compliance

Emergency Lighting – Ensuring Performance and Compliance

Emergency lighting is crucial when it comes to the safety of facilities but can often be forgotten until an actual emergency arises. There are certain codes that building managers have to follow to ensure the protection of their occupants.

Code standards can vary based on the location of the facility and what type of facility it is. Some may require more lighting than others or in certain parts of a building. 

That is why we highly suggest reading through our News Clip reviewing life safety emergancy lighting.

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