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Interior & Exterior Next Gen LED Upgrades

LED lighting has been on the market for over 60 years, and a large majority of businesses have converted to LED lighting for its energy and maintenance savings, and increased lighting performance. Now organizations that retrofitted their lighting years ago are coming to the end of their LED’s Lifespan, and it’s time to perform a next gen LED upgrade on your facilities!

We approach our next gen LED upgrade solutions with a manufacturer product-neutral mindset. Our objective is to provide the best solution using thoroughly tested, highly reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective products. With the latest LED products and lighting control technology, organizations are seeing an increase in their energy savings. Plus as a bonus, lighting controls offer customizable lighting performance options.

At Action Services Group, we walk you through the possibilities and design a next generation LED upgrade solution that produces your desired results. We utilize the expertise of multiple partners to support our customers’ complex product, installation, and incentive objectives. Our partnerships allow us to offer “Turn-Key” capability for our next generation LED upgrades.

We understand the time, money, and resources needed to complete a next generation LED upgrade. Our goal is to keep your business running while upgrading your lighting systems and completing your project on time and within budget. With over 20,000 successful lighting retrofits completed, Action Services Group is the nation’s first choice for a Turn-Key next gen LED upgrade.

Upgrade Your Lighting to the Next Generation of LEDs

LED lamps and fixtures offer many benefits over traditional lighting, from energy and maintenance savings to increased lighting performance. One of the main benefits of LEDs, besides energy efficiency, is their long lifespan.  But for those organizations who retrofitted to LEDs over 5 years ago, it is probably time to consider a next gen LED upgrade.

Your LED lifespan depends upon a lot of factors, but if your original LEDs were higher-end from a reputable manufacturer, most lamps last around 50,000 hours, with dimmable lamps lasting nearly 100,000 hours. There are a few scenarios where an LED lifespan might not last as long as expected.

Poor Quality Lamps: Not all LEDs are created equal. We always recommend purchasing quality LEDs from a reputable manufacturer. They utilize quality components when creating their LEDS and this produces a much longer lifespan.

Electrical over Stress (EOS): EOS happens when more electricity is sent to the LED than the recommended maximum power input. This is normally made possible due to sub-quality drivers or human error during installation.

Energy Efficiency: While not necessarily a reason for a shorter LED lifespan, next gen LEDs are substantially more energy efficient that LEDs from even 5 years ago. If you combine your next gen LEDs with lighting controls, you can save even more on energy. 

If your first-generation LEDs did not last as long as expected, we highly suggest contacting a company that specializes in LED installations and lighting services. As a national LED retrofit company, we offer a manufacture product-neutral philosophy that produces the best results for our clients. With over 30 years in the lighting industry, we have the resources and experience to offer you a fully turn-key national next gen LED upgrade.

Maximizing Next Gen LED Upgrade Savings with Lighting Controls

When considering an upgrade to your lighting system, next generation LED’s stand out as a top choice for their energy efficiency and cost-saving advantages. However, the real game-changer lies in the integration of LED upgrades with advanced lighting controls, offering a realm of even greater benefits.

Lighting controls empower you with dynamic management capabilities over your lighting setup, allowing adjustments in brightness, timing, and even color to precisely suit your requirements. Through the seamless fusion of LED lighting and sophisticated controls, you gain unparalleled authority over your lighting environment, resulting in heightened comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency.

By combining Next Gen LEDs with advanced lighting controls, you’re not just upgrading your lighting system—you’re revolutionizing it. Here’s how:

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Maximized Energy Savings

The synergy between Next Gen LEDs and lighting controls doesn’t just enhance performance—it supercharges savings. With features like automated dimming, occupancy sensing, and scheduling, you can minimize energy waste and reduce utility costs significantly.

Optimized Performance with Lighting Controls

Next Gen LEDs are already highly efficient, but when paired with lighting controls, you can fine-tune their performance to match your exact needs. From adjusting brightness levels to optimizing color temperature, lighting controls give you unparalleled control over your lighting environment, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort at all times.

Increased Maintenance Savings

Implementing lighting controls not only conserves energy but also prolongs the lifespan of Next Gen LED fixtures by curbing unnecessary usage. Through dimming lights during periods of low activity or scheduling shutdowns during off-peak hours, you mitigate wear and tear on your lighting system, resulting in reduced replacement needs and maintenance expenses in the long term.

Opting for a Next Gen LED upgrade alongside lighting controls isn’t merely a short-term cost-saving measure; it’s a strategic investment in securing the longevity and adaptability of your lighting infrastructure. As energy standards evolve and technological innovations progress, having a versatile lighting system in place positions you to stay ahead of regulatory changes and technological advancements, ensuring sustained benefits for years to come. Discover more about the advantages of lighting controls here!

Additional Next Gen LED Lighting Resources

We understand the lighting problems facing organizations in today’s fluctuating markets. For example, there are an abundance of LED products and solutions available to commercial organizations. The decisions before you can seem endless, and your questions are sure to be mounting. Below are a few additional resources that we think might help, and you can always schedule a call to speak with one of our LED lighting and project management experts!

Essential Guide to Calculating Savings - Slanted Cover on eBook for Web Updated

The Essential Guide to Calculating Savings and ROI

Calculating energy savings in a next gen LED upgrade can be difficult. If you are responsible for your company’s new construction projects, building maintenance, facility design, or energy costs, this guide’s for you. When you’re responsible for one or all of these things, energy consumption is something that’s going to come across your desk. Transparency is key when you’re replacing LEDs at the end of their lifespan. As technology progresses, next-generation LEDs are cheaper and offer even better energy savings. 

Download this free resource now, and start calculating your savings.

More Resources - Understanding LED Lifespan

Understanding LED Lifespan

LED lighting has numerous benefits for its users. Everything from improved lighting performance, decreased energy costs, and lowered maintenance expenses. Additionally, LED lights have a significantly longer lifespan than their more-traditional counterparts. However, one of the things happening in the market is that misinformation is spreading about LED lifespans. Newer LEDs on the market are seeing an increase in lifespan and when combined with lighting controls offer additional energy savings. 

We created this guide on an LED’s lifespan; to help keep you up-to-date on next gen LED upgrades. Read the full article here.


More Resources - Introduction to Lighting Control Systems

Introduction to Lighting Control Systems

For those looking to increase their energy savings with a next gen LED upgrade, we suggest adding Lighting Controls. Chances are you already use basic lighting controls at home or at work. For example, on/off switches, dimmer buttons, and motion sensors are some of the most common lighting control systems used in both residences and commercial buildings. However, thanks to modern technology, your lighting control system options have expanded. This is especially great for businesses, who often spend hundreds, if not thousands, on their energy consumption every year. If you think your business may be wasting money on mismanaged power, a commercial lighting control system + a next gen LED upgrade may be for you.

Read our introduction to lighting controls here

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