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Our Education Center is designed to offer you an in-depth look into today’s facility services and project management solutions. We know you have questions; our education center has the answers.

We firmly believe that one size does not fit all. At Action Services Group, we know that no two customers are identical and that our services and solutions must address the individual customer’s requirements. It is our ability to customize our offerings and dedicate the right resources that ensure we deliver consistent, quality service while continually controlling costs. Our ultimate goal is to succeed by providing an exceptional customer experience and competitively innovative solutions to our customers. We understand that your success is our success.

Facility Services

What Are The Benefits Of LED Lighting As A Service

Lighting Education

Our lighting education page offers an in-depth look at todays lighting, covering lighting 101, maintenance, performance, service options, and more.

What to Look For In An Electrical Maintenance Service Company

Electrical Education

Our electrical education page offers an in-depth look at todays electrical services and projects, covering emergencies, installations, and projects.

Did You Know There Is an LED For That?

Lighting and LED Product Education

There are significant differences in energy, maintenance, and performance for different types of lamps. Pick your lamp type and start learning!

More Resources - What to Look for in a National Sign Service Company

Signage Education

When considering a signage service company, there are many signs to examine. In our signage education page we walk you though what you need to review.

Facility Solutions

Backup Power Systems – It’s Time to Level Up

LED Retrofit Education

In our LED retrofit education page we take an in-depth look at our turn-key retrofit approach, the full process, and your major savings.

Introduction to Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Controls Education

Did you know you could save up to an additional 20% off your lighting by adding lighting controls? Learn this and more in our lighting controls education page.

Additional Resources

Digital eBooks for Facilities

Free Downloadable eBooks

Our eBooks where designed to offer you an in-depth knowledge based look at todays top facility services and project management topics.

LED Lighting Rebates For 2021

RFP Development

Have you spent long hours drafting an RFP and not gotten the response you wanted? Here you will find tips and tricks for service based RFP development.

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