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Interior & Exterior Lighting Services

On-Demand Service

Repair or replace interior and exterior lighting components as requested. On-Demand services are available within 72 hours with emergency services available within 4 hours.

Scheduled Service

Tailored to fit any budget with adjustable time-frames (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) our lighting maintenance service will keep your lights on all year round.

Lighting Upgrades

We provide “Turn-Key” LED Lighting upgrades, utilizing the expertise of multiple partners we can support our customers’ complex product, installation and incentive objectives.

Our Lighting Services

On-Demand and Emergency Lighting Maintenance Services
Our On-Demand, interior, and exterior lighting services are available within 72 hours of your request. Furthermore, in an emergency lighting maintenance situation, lighting personnel will be at your facility within 4 hours. Our emergency lighting maintenance technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to service all your interior and exterior lighting needs.

Lighting Maintenance Services
Our Lighting Maintenance Services can be tailored to fit any budget, and any time frame (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual). Likewise, our lighting maintenance technicians will visit your facilities replacing all interior and/or exterior failed lamps and ballasts. Over a 25+ year period, we have developed one of the largest databases of experienced lighting maintenance technicians who have a full range of service vehicles. We are capable of servicing a wide range of both interior and exterior lighting fixtures.

Lighting Upgrades
We take end-to-end responsibility for managing and implementing our customers’ lighting upgrade projects. Moreover, we are experienced in managing large-scale upgrades locally, regionally, and nationally. We ensure success, with proven methodologies and organizational structure and an experienced Project Management Team.

Additional Lighting Resources

We understand the lighting problems facing organizations in todays fluctuating markets. For example, there are an abundance of lighting products and solutions available to commercial organizations. The decisions before you can seem endless, and your questions are sure to be mounting. Below are a few additional resources that we think might help, and you can always schedule a call to speak with one of our lighting services experts!

More Resources - Lighting Measurements – An In-depth Guide

Lighting Measurements – An In-depth Guide

Want to know how to measure light or how many watts a lamp consumes? You’ll find the answers to these questions, plus calculations and more in this in-depth 2-part guide to lighting measurements.

In Part 1 we cover; lumens, luminous intensity, the calculations for lumens and candela, and the calculations for lumens, candelas, and viewing angles.

In Part 2 we cover; illuminance, luminance, lux, foot-candles, and the calculations to measure light.

More Resources - Light Bulb Bans Across the U.S.

Light Bulb Bans Across the U.S.

While many of us know there are light bulb bans in effect or going into effect across the U.S. there is a lot of confusion on the laws and restrictions. For organizations with locations across multiple states, keeping up with these bans can be a full-time job.

In this light bulb ban guide we cover the different types of light bulbs being banned, the states with bans, general service lamps, and other restrictions including CRI and the EISA.

Click here to learn more.

Resolving-the-Self-Performing-vs-Subcontracting-Argument_eBook-Slanted-Cover 2

Resolving the Self Performing vs Subcontracting Argument

While we have found that for many multi-facility services decision-makers, the issue of hiring only self-performing vendors appears to be simple. But either it matters very much, or it does not matter at all. In some cases a facility service provider claims they self-perform all of our work! Others state they subcontract their field operations. While other facility service providers work hard to avoid the question altogether. Is one better than the other? So, how can you be confident that you have selected the best solution for your company?

That is why we highly suggest reading through our latest eBook, Resolving the Self Performing versus Subcontracting Argument.

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