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Guide To LED Conversion for Real Estate Organizations

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Real Estate Organizations around the United States are looking for ways to reduce expenditures and improve services around their own buildings and then, likewise, around larger properties surrounding them. One of the most promising opportunities for improvement is the rapid advancement of (LED) technology. For instance, LEDs are particularly relevant for organizations that manage interior and exterior lighting (such as parking lots). Moreover, in large or small facilities, they can significantly reduce costs by lowering energy expenditures and reducing the burden of recurring maintenance. In short, this guide is intended to help those individuals and organizations responsible for managing the lighting for commercial, education, retail, and industrial facilities, by providing an easy-to-understand and step-by-step discussion of the basics.

In our most in-depth eBook yet, Guide To LED Conversion for Real Estate Organizations, you will learn;

  • The downside and the upside of LED’s
  • A brief history of LED’s in Real Estate
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Indoor Lighting
  • High ceiling and performance lighting
  • Does LED make sense for your project
    • For Instance, Nighttime visibility
    • Most Importantly, Energy savings up to 80%
    • Don’t forget, Maintenance savings up to 70%
  • Auditing your current lighting
  • Developing your scope of work
  • Creating a luminaire specification sheet
  • Reviewing your energy efficiency
  • Cutting down on maintenance
  • Test the desired results
  • In Conclusion, Awarding your project

To get your copy of our Guide To LED Conversion for Real Estate Organizations, fill out the provided form and start reading!

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