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An Electrical Service Provider is a firm that performs specialized work including installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Moreover, an electrical service provider is different from an electrician? For instance, an electrician is an individual tradesman. However, an electrical service provider is a company that employs or manages electricians. This eBook will assist you in knowing how to choose the best electrical service provider.

As an example, electricians are licensed and are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and devices. But did you know there are several different levels of licensed electricians with varying degrees of expertise and specialization? Likewise, these differences could cost or save you a substantial amount of money. That is why a review of this eBook is recommended for any organization looking to hire an electrical service provider.

In this eBook, How to Choose the Best Electrical Service Provider, you will learn;

  • The different levels of electrical certification
    • Apprentice electrician
    • Journeyman electrician
    • Master electrician
  • What capabilities and experience level do you need
  • Do you need a national and local footprint
  • Do you need both commercial and industrial experience
  • Industry best practices
  • Technology-based approach
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Additional educational materials

In short, to get your copy, fill out the provided form and start reading!

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