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with LED Fixtures or Linear LED Tubes

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Replacing Fluorescent Lamps with LED Fixtures or Linear LED Tubes

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Replacing Fluorescent Lamps with LED Fixtures or Linear LED Tubes is one of the most cost-effective lighting upgrades on the market today. One of the most common lights used to illuminate large buildings like warehouses, schools, and corporate offices over the last several decades has been the linear fluorescent tube. Many facilities are already configured with recessed troffers that fit the standard dimensions for linear fluorescent lights. In our highly educational eBook, Replacing Fluorescent Lamps with LED Fixtures or Linear LED Tubes, you will learn:

  • What is a Fluorescent lamp?
  • The most common forms of Fluorescent lamps (with a few less common varieties)
  • What replacement LED lamps are on the market
    • LED fixtures
    • LED linear lamps
  • The energy efficiency for the different LED lamps
  • The lighting performance options
  • Different purchase price points
  • Additional educational materials for review

What’s important to know is that many new bulb technologies like the much more energy-efficient LED lights can be retrofit into your existing lighting infrastructure. That is why, facility managers evaluating different options to replace linear fluorescent tubes with LED lighting, should review this eBook. Several different types of LEDs are available to replace linear fluorescents in recessed troffers. Whether you’re looking to change out bulbs with linear LED tubes, or completely replace both the fixture and the light with non-tube LED lights, this eBook is the perfect place to start.

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Today’s Options for Linear LED Solutions

Replacing Fluorescent Linear Tubes with LED Tubes or Fixtures

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes with LED’s 

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