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versus Subcontracting Argument

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Resolving the Self-Performing versus Subcontracting Argument

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While we have found that for many multi-facility services decision-makers, the issue of hiring only self-performing vendors appears to be simple. But either it matters very much, or it does not matter at all. In some cases a facility service provider claims they self-perform all of our work! Others state they subcontract their field operations. While other facility service providers work hard to avoid the question altogether. Is one better than the other? So, how can you be confident that you have selected the best solution for your company? That is why we highly suggest reading through our latest eBook, Resolving the Self Performing versus Subcontracting Argument.

In our latest eBook, Resolving the Self Performing versus Subcontracting Argument, you will learn:

  • The difference between self-performing versus subcontracting
  • Why your companies overall mission plays a part
  • Is this genuinely the right choice for your organization
  • Consider which will achieve the most successful results for your organization
  • Why you need to review cost
  • Why overhead and profit play a big part
  • What you can expect from their customer experience
  • Working with a professional facility service vendor

To get your copy, fill out the provided form and start reading!

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