An In-depth Look at National Sign Services

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Your Signage – What is the Purpose?

When considering a national sign service company, there are a few things to take into account. Furthermore, as the signage industry changes, your national sign maintenance company needs to change as well. Thus we are going to take an in-depth look at signage.

First, there are many different types of signage. They generally have one fundamental purpose broken down into three steps:

  1. Communication: To notify the desired target of a specific message.
  2. Conversion: To get the desired target to perform a specific action.
  3. Completion: The desired target completes the specific action, creating value for the sign.

Second, you will find these three steps woven into how signs communicate:

  • Identification: This could include simple logo signs, storefront signage with company names, or a destination or way-finder sign.
  • Advertising: These signs could be promotional based, or have a CTA, or branding.
  • Directional or Way Finder: These could consist of Do Not Enter, Turn Left, Exit, or office directional signage.
  • Safety and Health: In Case of Emergency or Emergency Exit signs.

No matter the purpose of your signage, having a clean, well-lit sign is vital to both you and your customers.

Maximizing Your Signage with Lighting

In this case, when considering improvements to your signage, your first consideration besides cleanliness is the lighting. For example, with some simple lighting additions, you can keep your signage lit 24/7. Consequently, there are many different types of lighting you can consider, some are simple add-ons others are internal to specific signage, a well-lit sign could become your business’s most effective calling card.

Consider the Location of Your Commercial Signage

Your first step is taking into consideration the location of your signage. Consider this, a sign in a poorly lit room will require different lighting than an outdoor sign or even one indoors under a bright condition. You will also want to select lighting that is in accordance with your neighborhood. For instance, you wouldn’t install a large LED sign in a commercial area with corporate offices, nor would you consider elegant box-lighting for an ax-throwing club. For indoor signs, make sure to take into consideration your customers. How will they react to the brightness of a sign? How it will affect the mood, you are trying to project. For outdoor signage,

  • Scrutinizing the location
  • Take into account what the sign will look like at night
  • Make sure to review your city’s codes on sign lighting brightness and safety

Lighting Options for Commercial Signage

For any sign Illumination project, we highly suggest enlisting the help of a commercial signage service company or an electrician. Keep in mind, no matter where you are starting. There are a few options for signage lighting. The first and most common are full color LED graphics and displays. Please note, this will include dangerous electrical wiring. Again, please consult with a knowledgeable service provider. Here are a few of the more common signage lighting options.

Backlit Displays

Backlit signage work great in most settings and lighting, a perfect addition to advertising and way-finder signage.

Commercial LED Signs

LED signs are great for outdoor use and easily seen at night. Consequently, they allow business owners the ability to adjust messaging on the fly. LED signs are also energy-efficient. But make sure they fit with your brand and message.

Neon Signs

While neon signs give a warm, timeless feel to your signage, and come in a wide variety of colors. We highly suggest consulting a professional if considering a neon sign. Please read our warning if considering using an old neon sign.

Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs are great for retail settings and hospitals. They offer a creative way to showcase eye-catching displays.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signages are used primarily in churches, schools, and business. They allow you to spotlight your brand both day or night and are a great way to communicate your identity or information.

Channel Letters

These custom made metal or plastic letters commonly adorn the exterior of public and commercial buildings. Often, the illumination comes from within. These signs are generally affixed high on the structure and take specialty equipment to keep light due to height.

Roof Mounted Signs

While these signs are a fantastic way to brand your building, they can be dangerous to maintain and remove due to the height and weight of the signs. Please consult a professional for ALL maintenance and removal operations.

Pylon Signs

Seen at the entrance of just about every shopping center across America, Pylon signs are crucial to many businesses brand. Retaining a well-lit and maintained pylon can be a tricky endeavor and plays a significant role in how customers perceive your organization.

Monument Signs

Often freestanding and close to the ground, monument signs adorn the entrance of many types of organizations. They should be eye-catching, well lit, and are an essential part of your business identity.

Directional Signs

These signs are primarily designed to give information about a specific location. They are considered a subset of the informative sign group.

LED Retrofits

If you have an older lighted sign and are looking for a facelift, consider an LED retrofit. Convert your old ineffective lighted signage to a cost-effective energy-efficient LED-lit Sign. Check out the education section on LED Retrofits.

Warning: Old Neon Signs

With the popularity of shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars, neon signs have a new lease on life. What the general public does not realize is that some neon signs can be dangerous. We don’t want to start a panic if you happen to have neon signs; not all of them are dangerous. There are several types of neon signs that contain mercury or mercury vapor. If inhaled or ingested the mercury can be hazardous to your health. Ingestion can come from both the liquid and the vapors could seep out over a prolonged period and slowly be inhaled.

Old Neon Sign Removal

We suggest always having a trained professional service or remove any neon signs. Mercury poisoning is no laughing matter, ask the Mad Hatter.

An In-Depth Look at Action Services Group Signage Services

As a national Lighting, electrical, and signage service company with over 25+ years of experience, we have helped businesses across the country maintain, retrofit, and remove thousands of signs. Our highly trained in-house project management staff make any sign project, no matter the size or location, smooth and manageable.

On-Demand and Scheduled National Sign Maintenance Service

No matter how new your signage, it will eventually need maintenance. By way of example, our on-demand and scheduled services are perfect for any business looking to showcase their brand to the world. For instance, our network extends to thousands of lighting technicians, and licensed electricians are available for all types of sign maintenance.

  • Lamp & Ballast Replacement
  • Cabinet
  • Channel Letters
  • Roof-Mounted
  • Pylon
  • Monument
  • Directional
  • Electrical Work

Finally, when looking for a multi-location on-demand or scheduled national sign maintenance program, Action Services Group has you covered.

Sign Removal

Regarding sign removal, this is a delicate process that should only be handled by trained professionals with years of experience. Likewise, one wrong move and the building could be damaged, or someone could get injured.

Experienced National Sign Service Company

First, we have experienced professionals who always treat safety as their main priority. Second, they can handle multiple location removals in a timely fashion.

Third, our team knows how to remove all kinds of different signs. Over the years, we’ve:

  • Ensuring that all wiring and power sources are correctly closed off
  • Removing all brackets and harnesses that support the sign
  • Carefully packing sign sections for proper transportation
  • Repairing any structural damage made to the building by harness or brackets

Different Signs, Different Requirements

In contrast, each one of these different signs requires something a bit different. Above all, to be quickly and effectively removed from your property as soon as you need it taken down. Our staff understands these intricacies:

  • Ensuring that all wiring and power sources are appropriately closed off
  • Removing all brackets and harnesses that support the sign
  • Carefully packing sign sections for proper transportation
  • Repairing any structural damage made to the building by harness or brackets

Lastly, our team ensures that your property restoration is to its’ original condition. As an example, if you have a sign removal project looming, let our technicians protect the integrity of your property with our professional removal and remediation services.

LED Retrofits

In this example, many businesses are turning to LED retrofits for their signage due to its energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. First, with our network of thousands of lighting specialists, licensed electricians, and multiple product-neutral partners. Action Services Group as a national sign service company, is unequally qualified to support any business’s complex product and installation objectives.

Second, no matter how big or complex a project, when an organization is looking for an LED retrofit for their signage, they turn to Action Services Group. Third, if you are looking for the most effective way to save money and reduce energy consumption while improving your brand image across any range of locations or facilities, we are here to assist.

National Sign Maintenance Services from Action Services Group

  • Providing you with a single point of contact for your entire project.
  • We utilize a cost-effective, streamlined, and standardized implementation process.
  • We have highly trained project management staff available to you 24/7/365.
  • Maintain consistent implementation results across thousands of locations.
  • Minimize your site or facilities disruptions.
  • A network of thousands of trained professionals available across the county.

Consider Combining Your Services?

Action Services Group offers National Sign Services. As a national sign maintenance company, we specialize in LightingLED RetrofitsElectrical, and Signage solutions. by combining your Lighting, electrical, and signage services to one national provider, you can minimize maintenance calls and maximize savings, all while receiving a productive service experience. With Action Services Group, you are guaranteed controlled maintenance costs, no project delays, and your product selection will fit your organization’s needs.

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Interested in Learning More?

The first step in any signage project should be to contact a National Sign Service Company or National Sign Maintenance Company that is manufacturer and product-neutral. Accordingly, with neutrality comes a higher focus on your needs as opposed to the desire or limitation of selling a specific product.

A National Sign Service Company should ask you about your project.

  • What are your desired results?
  • Are you looking at budget or project completion constraints?
  • Do you have an energy reduction target if considering an LED retrofit?
  • Are there lighting performance specifics needing consideration?

Consequently, at Action Services Group, our business model is designed to offer you the maximum ROI. First, we take your signage lighting performance, maintenance cost, and energy efficiency into consideration. Second, no solution or product is ever a one size fits all. Third, we understand the need to customize solutions to meet the organization.

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