3 Key Points for an Exterior Commercial Lighting Service

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For every commercial property hiring an exterior commercial lighting service to maintain interior and exterior lighting can be a challenge. Developing a lighting maintenance plan is a key part of keeping your lights working and your environment safe for patrons. Below we will look at some tangible strategies and tactics to hiring an exterior commercial lighting service to keep your facilities operating at peak performance.

Hire A National Exterior Commercial Lighting Service Company

For large parking lots and multi-unit facilities with outdoor fixtures, lighting outages are a constant concern. The burden of maintenance typically falls on the facilities director or the property management firm. However, it’s not uncommon for outages to go unnoticed, which leads to an unsafe environment for customers and patrons. One way to mitigate this potential risk is by hiring a national exterior commercial lighting service company who implements a monthly or quarterly maintenance plan. In this scenario, technicians would implement planned schedule maintenance visits to ensure that lighting is functional and operational. Additionally, these an exterior commercial lighting service provider should be able to not only check lamps and ballast but underlying electrical problems as well.

Understanding Your Site Lighting Assets

Exterior commercial lighting service organizations should be diligent about capturing the lighting component data at their customers’ facilities. Namely, knowing the lighting and ballasts that are installed, and understanding things like pole heights. This ensures the correct bulbs and ballasts are in the technician’s truck before they get to the facility, and also they have the right size bucket truck to service the lights. While basic, capturing this data minimizes downtime for the customer lighting outages, reduces inconsistencies with a product at the facility, and reduces trip charge costs. ServicePoint Solutions Screen Shot


Finally, you want to find an exterior commercial lighting service partner that has your best interests at heart. Many maintenance organizations will come to the site, service the fixture in disrepair, and leave after completing the job. While this fulfills the contractual obligation of the exterior commercial lighting service provider, it doesn’t necessarily better the client’s lighting situation. Specifically, at Action Services Group we work to not just repair and replace your existing lighting. We incorporate the bigger picture to see if we could decrease your costs and improve lighting efficiencies by installing LED replacement lighting. So, it’s important to find partners that are working to both achieve your maintenance goals and your overall business goals.

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In conclusion, we understand that maintaining your lighting configuration can be both a daunting and time-consuming process. We believe we can offer our clients great maintenance on their existing lighting configuration while also looking “down-the-road” at more energy-efficient lighting solutions that will decrease costs long-term. For more information on a parking lot lighting LED replacement for your organization contact Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


  1. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for helping me learn more about exterior lighting for a commercial property. It’s nice to know that there are lighting maintenance programs that can monitor a customer’s facility and help reduce inconsistencies. This seems helpful especially if the lighting needs to be able to consistently work.

  2. Derek McDoogle

    My boss told me that the electric bill was too high this month and he thinks there is an issue with the electrical system. I found it interesting when you said that developing a lighting maintenance plan is a key part of keeping your lights working and your environment safe for patrons. I will definitely ask him if he wants me to contact a professional so that the whole system can get a checkup.

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