400+ Unit Exterior Lighting LED Retrofit

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What You Should Expect from a Lighting Solution Provider


The Objective

A discount retailer needed a lighting solution provider to reduce both energy and maintenance costs while improving current light levels on its building’s exterior perimeters.


The Customer

One of America’s largest discount retailers with 14,000+ stores in 43 states delivering everyday low prices on name-brand products that are frequently used and replenished, such as food, snacks, health and beauty aids, as well as cleaning supplies, family apparel, housewares, and seasonal items.


The Challenge

Reviewing their existing exterior lighting configurations and components (HID/HPS Lamps, Magnetic Ballasts), Action Services Group recognized that a traditional retrofit approach of replacing these outdated components with upgraded lamps and ballasts would not achieve the cost-effective significant improvement required within the customer’s 4-month time requirement.


The Solution

As the clients lighting solution provider, Action Services Group offered a LED retrofit installation program based on our manufacturer product-neutral approach to replace the existing outdated exterior HID/HPS fixtures with new energy-efficient LED fixtures. This approach ensured product availability to meet the customer’s time installation requirement. Utilizing ServicePoint Solutions our project management team executed this retrofit for 550 locations across 37 states within 4 months and on-budget.


The Results for a Typical Location

  • An immediate reduction of maintenance costs estimated at $8,200+ annually for the next 5 years due to both the products rated life (60,000 hrs.) and their multi-year warranty.
  • An immediate reduction of energy usage by 78% AND an estimated $1,200+ annual utility cost savings based on the U.S. average retail price of electricity of $0.1032.
  • An annual reduction of 15,100 lbs. of Greenhouse Gases emitted into the atmosphere a fundamental cause of the greenhouse effect.



In conclusion, if you are looking for a lighting solution provider and would like to understand how an LED retrofit would help to improve your lighting while simultaneously decreasing your energy expense. Reach out to us here at Action Services Group. We would be happy to put together a free no-obligation assessment of your facility. Thanks, we look forward to working with you. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call.


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