5 Basics about Certified Lighting Expertise

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As you consider a LED lighting retrofit for your organization you also need to consider the certified lighting contractor or company that you will work with. As with any industry, there are true professionals versus the individuals who are just working in the space. That said, the lighting industry has professional development programs, and several tiers of certification to identify expertise in its community of members. These certifications are not a prerequisite to working in the industry but they’re useful because they highlight and help one to achieve a certain level of professional competence. At Action Services Group we always recommend working with a Certified Lighting Experts because you will benefit from their knowledge, expertise, and it will maximize the likelihood of having an excellent lighting experience. In today’s post we will look at 5 important lighting certifications that you should be aware of before you employ a lighting company or contractor.


Available Lighting Certifications

The most well-recognized certified lighting program is administered by the American Lighting Association. They have five different qualifications and professional designations. We’ll look at each one in more detail below.

  • Lighting Associate: The term Lighting Associate is tailored for sales and lighting design professionals just beginning their careers in the industry. The certification involves 10 ALA courses that begin with basic lighting knowledge and design techniques.
  • Lighting Specialist: The term Lighting Specialist is associated with a more advanced accreditation. To earn the Lighting specialist designation an individual must purchase and study the Residential Lighting Training Manual from the American Lighting Association and then successfully pass a comprehensive examination. The certification involves more in depth training in technical knowledge like “light sources, light fixtures, residential lighting design, and effective selling techniques.”
  • Certified Lighting Consultant: The Certified Lighting Consultant qualification is only available to those individuals who have already achieved their Lighting specialist certification. The Certified Lighting Consultant rating indicates the highest level of professional competence currently offered by the ALA and is geared towards lighting business owners, professional lighting designers, and sales representatives. Certification requires both ALA coursework and the successful completion of a blueprint examination.
  • Certificate Specialist: This is an additional program intended only for those already carrying the Lighting Specialist or Certified Lighting Consultant designations. The qualification is designed to provide a certificate indicating specialized knowledge for a particular lighting application. Examples might include certifications geared towards a specific room type (e.g. “kitchen lighting” or “bath lighting”) or focused on a particular type or category of lighting (e.g. “recessed lighting” or “track lighting”).
  • Certified Lighting Manufacturer’s Representative: According to the ALA, the Certified Lighting Manufacturer’s Representative rating is designed for “independent manufacturer’s representatives who have been in the lighting industry for at least 24 months.” Attaining certification as a CLMR requires several industry related letters of recommendation and successful completion of technical training in lighting technology and sales.


In conclusion we can see that there are a number of different certification levels that a lighting professional can have. Depending on the nature and complexity of your project it’s important to find a certified lighting professional that has the skills and abilities to complete the project according to industry specifications. If you have any questions about what an LED lighting retrofit might look like for your organization, Contact Action Services group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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