5 Benefits of Customized Lighting Control Solutions

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Businesses are frequently looking for ways to decrease operating costs without affecting productivity, safety, and comfort. Since energy usage accounts for a large portion of the budget, organizations are turning to lighting control solutions. What are the benefits of customized lighting control systems, keep reading to learn more.

A Quick Look at a Lighting Control System

A lighting control system controls the lighting in a building or specific area. You can use the system to control exterior and interior lighting. Some controls are also programmable. These advanced lighting controls can turn the lights on and off at preset times or respond to ambient light levels in the room. Lighting controls can be basic or robust ensuring there is a system to fit almost any business.

Benefits of Customized Lighting Control Solutions

Here’s a brief look at five benefits businesses often see when they install lighting control solutions.

Reduce Energy Usage

Unmanaged energy consumption typically results in high utility costs. Installing programmable lighting controls can help manage energy usage, reducing overall costs. Lighting controls can automatically turn lights off at preset times and dim luminaires when there is plenty of ambient light in the space.

Businesses can further reduce energy costs by installing LED bulbs and fixtures. Not only do LEDs use less electricity than standard lighting products, but they also last longer and require less maintenance. This can result in additional savings.

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Improve Security

Lighting controls can improve security in and around your business. The lighting control system can be set to automatically turn lights on and off as needed. For example, the lights turn on when movement is sensed or a door is opened. Other systems can sense motion and respond accordingly.

Lighting controls can also be integrated with the building’s security system. The lights turn on when the alarm is activated. Buildings with automated exterior and interior lighting typically have fewer problems with unwanted visitors prowling around at night.

Increase Safety

Lighting controls can boost safety by eliminating the need for manual control. This effectively prevents most issues with human errors. Some controls can sense when a space is occupied. The controls turn the lights on when someone enters the room and off after they leave. Coming into a well-lit space reduces the risk of some types of accidents like trips and falls. The controls can also be programmed to turn the lights on at specific times making it easier to keep track of energy usage.

Boost Comfort

Another benefit of lighting control systems is the ability to make employees and visitors more comfortable. When employees are comfortable in the workplace, productivity typically improves. This is always beneficial for your company’s bottom line.

Controls allow employees to adjust the light levels for specific tasks or their preferences. The controls can help reduce glare and uncomfortable hot spots in a room. Some advanced controls can also integrate with smart thermostats to ensure the room’s temperature is always at a comfortable level.

Improve Productivity

Lighting controls allow employees to adjust light levels to match their tasks. This can reduce issues with fatigue, headaches, and eye strain, while also improving focus and concentration. When employees have a comfortable work environment they are more productive, and this often means an increase in your profit margin.

Talk To Action Services Group About Lighting Control Solutions for Your Business

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