5 Problems Action Services Group Solves for Customers

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Action Services Group is a customer-focused organization that works to improve clients LED lighting solutions. In today’s post, we will look at five key areas where we can solve lighting related issues for your organization. Specifically, we’ll look at: decreasing maintenance costs, overcoming delays, selecting product, finding the right distributor model, and finally keeping up with the most recent lighting trends.

Controlling Maintenance Costs with LED Lighting Solutions

When looking at the operational budget for your facility, lighting maintenance isn’t always the first item that comes to mind when looking to cut costs. However, maintaining lighting can be costly especially when looking at a 3 to 5-year period. Often times organizations are forced to rent bucket trucks and other costly equipment to maintain lamps and ballast. Additionally, lighting maintenance is always better when you are proactive versus reactive. A proactive approach will ensure that you don’t have unsightly outages when customers, employees, or partners are visiting your space. Contact us now to learn more about our lighting maintenance programs.

Overcoming Project Delays

LED lighting solution projects are like any other construction or retrofit project. There are several logistical components to keep straight. Things like ordering product, product delivery, scheduling installation, and managing rebates. These are all essential items that need to be completed project managed correctly the first time around. A lighting partner like Action Services Group can help you to work through these milestones and prevent project delays. We have developed these best practices. We staff industry professionals, and we have state-of-the-art service and project management software. This helps us keep your project on schedule. Read a 400+ unit LED retrofit case study here.

Selecting the Right Product

LED lighting has a dramatic impact on three key areas: increasing lighting performance, decreasing energy expenses, and lowering maintenance costs. Because of these dramatic effects, there has been an explosion of LED manufacturers in the space (many from overseas). However, not all these manufacturers are created equal. Many of these manufactures offer enticing pricing and delivery timeframes but offer lower product quality. Finding a lighting partner that thoroughly researches these manufacturers, and who can help you select the right product for your goals is critical to a successful project. Read our blog on three key points when selecting LED product to help guide you through the selection process here. Without a lighting partner, it can be easy to be “sold” on the latest and greatest technology or the product with the best pricing, when that may not the best product for your project.

Finding the Right Distributor Model for Your Project

One option you have is to purchase your product through a lighting solution company. Typically, distributors represent specific manufacturers narrowing your options of product. You will have options going the distributor route. But product options will still be limited because they typically represent only one of the big three or four manufacturers. So you’ll be limited to the line of that manufacturer or other manufacturers they represent. If you are looking to have the most options in choosing a product for your facility or LED project, a Lighting Solution company maybe your best option. There are several advantages to working with a lighting solution company:

  • A Lighting Solution company will manage product implementation start to finish
  • They will have broad expertise in lighting product choices available on the market because they will due the due diligence and provide a manufacturer neutral approach
  • A lighting solution company can recommend and specify lighting requirements to set a single standard
  • Many manufacturers will only sell through distributors, so you increase the product choices because they are not committed to specific brands
  • A lighting solution company can offer you a turn-key project, can provide the product recommendation, procurement, delivery and installation

Staying Abreast of LED Lighting Solutions

Maintaining the aesthetic professionalism of your facility is critical for many organizations. As a result, lighting is an essential component of maintaining those aesthetics. However, how do you stay abreast of all these lighting trends and updates? At Action Services Group, we work hard to stay on top of the ever-changing trends in lighting. Then we put together a project plan to help you implement these changes. Learn more about this by contacting our team today.


In conclusion, we at Action Services Group have developed programs to help you maintain your lighting before there is a problem. In short, we work tirelessly to help solve your product recommendations, procurement, rebates, and project management to provide a full turn-key project. Contact Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below to learn how we can help your organization. We would be happy to put together a free no-obligation quote.


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