A Look at Outdoor LED Lighting for Commercial Buildings

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The right lighting products will keep your commercial spaces, both indoors and outside, secure and safe. Lighting can also improve the ambiance, making commercial buildings more attractive to visitors and employees. If you are planning on upgrading your existing outdoor lighting, here’s a look at some products to consider.

LED Wall Pack Lighting

LED wall pack lighting is ideal in spaces that requires illumination for extended periods. The LED fixtures can provide security in dark, outdoor spaces and are also a good option for perimeter lighting. It has a low light spill ratio, meaning your neighbors won’t have unwanted bright light shining onto their properties.

The fixtures are normally comprised of die cast aluminum, so they can withstand most weather conditions.

For an in-depth look at wall pack lighting visit our LED product education center.

LED Parking Lot Flood Lighting

Your customers want to feel safe and secure in the building’s parking lot. One way to boost security is by installing LED parking lot flood lighting. Along with assuring visitors you care about their safety, the bright lights also let customers know the building is open. LED flood lighting can also illuminate outdoor paths and walkways.

The lighting is designed to withstand all types of weather, including rain and freezing temperatures. The lights are even visible through heavy downpours and other hazards that can affect visibility.

For an in-depth look at flood lighting visit our LED product education center.


Controlled Outdoor LED Lighting

Controlled outdoor LED lighting knows when to turn on and off. The sensor tracks daylight, only turning the fixtures on when necessary. Some lighting controls are automatic, and others allow you to set the off and on times. Since the lights are designed for outdoor use, the fixtures are durable and weather-resistant.

Another benefit of installing controlled outdoor LED lighting is the energy savings you see on your monthly utility bills.

For an in-depth look at lighting control systems visit our education center.

Mini LED Wall Pack Lighting

Mini LED wall pack lighting is a good option in smaller spaces like doorways, hallways, and walkways. The lights can illuminate structures or make informational signage more visible. Like the larger fixtures, the smaller ones are also durable.

For an in-depth look at mini wall pack lighting visit our LED product education center.

LED Canopy Lighting

Do you have covered areas in your parking lots. It’s a common structure at gas stations and bus depots, to name a few commercial settings. The canopies protect your customers from the weather, but the coverings also require adequate lighting.

LED canopy lighting provide illumination while also producing significant energy savings. The lighting is durable and dependable, keeping the area safe and secure for employees and visitors.

For an in-depth look at LED canopy lighting visit our LED product education center.

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LED Lighting for Commercial Buildings

Keeping your employees and customers safe is a priority for all commercial building owners and managers. It often starts with lighting and there is an LED product to meet almost every need. Whether it is improving parking lot safety or illuminating dark walkways and hallways, LED lighting can meet your needs. Best of all, LED fixtures are energy efficient especially when you add lighting controls.

Contact an Action Services Group lighting specialist today to learn more about various LED products and how best to implement LED lighting in your commercial space. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below!


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