AI Meets LEDs for Innovations in Lighting Control

by | Jul 26, 2021 | 0 comments |

As a kid, we were often told to, “Turn off the lights.” This simple statement, that I am sure we have all heard, highlights the importance of lighting control systems. That’s why many lighting engineers are focused on LED lighting controls in smart buildings. Some engineers are looking into how Artificial intelligence (AI) can impact the process.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting almost every field and application space in our society. This includes the areas and rooms in which we live and work. Smart cities, where intelligent sensing and processing networks, and AI and machine learning (ML), are endeavoring to transform our surroundings by thinking entirely for themselves.
The arrival of AI promises the commissioning of building lighting control and automation to save money. It will also reduce energy consumption and waste, and improve service quality and customer satisfaction. AI will act as an unseen intelligence that stands in for us, going around and physically turning off the lights. AI will engage its decision-making capabilities to help provision future smart buildings.
Click here to read the full article posted on July 21st, 2021 on LEDs Magazine.


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