Benefits of Next Gen LED in Healthcare

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Healthcare facilities and hospitals are trying to balance operating costs, while also meeting stringent safety and sanitation standards. Their goal is to provide a calm and healing experience for patients. Visitor and patient safety is another concern. The facilities use a significant amount of electricity to meet these demands. To streamline energy inefficiencies, especially in facilities open 24/7, many are upgrading to next gen LED lighting.

Advancements in next gen LED lighting are making it easier to reduce energy and maintenance costs, while also helping to modernize healthcare facilities. With hospitals using an average of 31.0kWh of electricity per square foot, reducing energy usage can result in significant savings. Here’s a look at some of the benefits.

Benefits of LEDs in Healthcare

Transitioning to next gen LEDs and using lighting controls in healthcare can have some surprising benefits.

Save on Energy and Maintenance Costs

Next gen LEDs in healthcare reduce maintenance and energy costs. LEDs have a longer lifespan than metal halides and fluorescent bulbs, and next gen LED’s offer even higher savings. LEDs typically last around 100,000 hours and use around 70 percent less electricity.

Most LED providers offer warranties guaranteeing the lifespan of the bulbs for ten years.

Healthcare facilities can also save on recycling and disposal costs. LEDs are mercury and glass-free making them easier to recycle.

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Improve Efficiency and Comfort with Lighting Controls in Healthcare Facilities

LEDs do more than reduce energy costs. Next gen LED lighting in Healthcare facilities provides a more comfortable environment for patients and staff.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel require bright lighting to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. Patients respond better to lighting that supports their natural circadian rhythms and an environment conducive to rest.

Since next gen LEDs allow for controllability in real time, healthcare facilities can support the needs of their staff and patients. Correlated Color Temperate (CCT) and the Color Rendering Index (CRI) are two tuning functions healthcare facilities can take advantage of with LEDs.

CCT balances comfort and biological impact. When hospitals tune their LEDs, they can adjust the lighting color to meet specific needs. Using the CRI scale, healthcare facilities can deliver greater visual accuracy with LED lighting.

For those interested in learning more about lighting controls and their additional benefits and energy savings, we have A Starter Guide – Lighting Control Options for Energy Savings that can point you in the right direction.

Reduce Costs with Lighting Controls in Healthcare Facilities

Lighting controls improve patient comfort and improve staff efficiency. Networked lighting controls also impact energy and maintenance costs.

Facilities have a clearer understanding of facility operations. Staff can more easily identify areas needing improvement. Using internet-connected networks and smart controls, facilities receive operation information in real-time. Staff can monitor overall energy usage, net gen LED wattage, and maintenance issues like damaged or blown bulbs.

Next gen LED light controls in hospitals can even alert healthcare staff when a patient has been discharged and the room is ready for cleaning.

Healthcare facilities can also take advantage of global and localized lighting controls. Global controls connect large sections of the facility to help manage energy usage. Localized controls focus on patient rooms and smaller locations. Localized controls are typically based on occupancy and external light levels.

Learn More About Next Gen LED in Healthcare

Next Gen LED lighting is becoming the preferred solution for healthcare facilities looking to reduce energy costs, improve staff efficiency, and boost patient comfort.

To talk to one of our lighting specialists today to learn more about using next gen LEDs in your healthcare facility, call 610-558-9773, email, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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