Best Ways to Conserve Energy in Commercial Facilities

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Property managers are seeking new ways to conserve energy and improve sustainability within their facilities. Energy is most used in lighting systems, HVAC, major appliances, and other electronics. Cutting energy usage has financial benefits and can show tenants and customers that the facility is forward thinking and cares about the environment. Smart building technology allows managers to optimize the energy usage throughout a building from one central location. Building managers will gain the ability to control the lighting, HVAC, and have predictive maintenance so managers can gain more insight into what needs maintenance and where.

By automating HVAC, heat or air conditioning you can turn them on during the peak times of the building when people are most often there and off when the building is most likely to be empty. New blinds and shades will help improve conserving energy because it won’t require the HVAC to work as hard. They can help maintain the temperature of the building by providing an extra layer of insulation. Pairing smart HVAC technology and new shades will improve sustainable energy throughout a commercial facility.

Lighting controls can be set up throughout the building and be monitored through smart technology. Common lighting controls include motion sensors, daylighting sensors and timers which can help turn off or dim lighting when rooms are not in use. Other ways to cut down on energy usage through lighting is by retrofitting the buildings lamps to LEDs. LED lighting is the most energy efficient light on the market because they use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and have better light quality.

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