Security cameras and alarms are common ways businesses protect their facilities. But what about LED lighting? Have you considered how quality LED lights can help protect your property from damage and theft? Combining LED lights with other measures can increase the security around your assets and property.

The Benefits of LED Lights for Security

Some of the benefits of combining LED lights with other types of security measures include the bright white light the bulbs emit. It makes it easier to identify subjects caught on your security cameras.

Compared to incandescent lights, LEDs produce bright beams that illuminate the area. Since the light beams are concentrated, they do not interfere with your security cameras. LED lights are also compatible with motion sensors. The lights turn on and off according to the movement in the area.

Using LED lights with security cameras can create a minor inconvenience. The bright lights occasionally cause camera glare. You can easily resolve the issue by using multiple lower-wattage bulbs, instead of one or two bright ones.

Motion sensors on LEDs are an effective way to protect your property and reduce energy usage. You will need to use security cameras with night vision capabilities. Look for cameras with infrared or low-light sensitivity properties. These cameras can adjust to daylight mode when the LED lights turn on.

For an interior comparison of LED vs Other Lamps we have a Before and After Comparison of an LED Parking Lot Retrofit. You can see first-hand how beneficial LEDs would be for security purposes. Bonus, there is a video as well!

LED Lights with Security Cameras – Considerations


Positioning LED Lights and Security Cameras

You want to install the LED light out of the camera’s view. Some LED fixtures come with built-in cameras. You can also install the lights above the security camera. The light will flood the area without interfering with the camera.

It’s also a good idea to consider maintenance as you are installing security cameras. While you want them high enough to capture the area and prevent vandalism, you also want them to be easy to perform routine maintenance and repair tasks.

LED Lights with Night Vision

Noticeable security cameras can help deter theft and vandalism. Sometimes, knowing cameras are present is enough to prevent issues. Not every facility wants visible security cameras, so your best option is to install LED lights with night vision.

Infrared lights are invisible to the human eye, but you will need cameras with specific capabilities. The cameras need to be sensitive enough to detect infrared light. You can also choose to use black-and-white security cameras. These models are less expensive and detect light below the red spectrum.


LED Light Brightness

When LED lights are too bright, they can blind the lens. It’s also an issue when the LED light is shining directly into the security camera. Shielded bulbs direct light away from the camera. Look for bulbs with a lower wattage. Typically, 5 watts for every square meter is enough to illuminate the area.

Some security cameras are not designed for low-light situations. It’s a good idea to check before deciding on a specific model. The camera needs enough light to clearly capture the area.

If you are planning on installing LED lights with security cameras, contact our lighting experts today to learn how we can help. Call 610-558-9773, emailing, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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