Circadian Rhythm Helps Effects of Daylight Savings

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Every year, daylight savings time rolls around, and it remains brighter later into the evening. Whenever the clocks move forward or backwards it has an impact on people’s health especially their sleep cycle because of the change in daylight. Studies have shown that keeping your body on a circadian rhythm cycle can help improve their health. This can be especially hard in workplaces. Employees spend hours a day in their offices under bright lighting, in front of computer screens and sometimes without any windows nearby.

“In today’s world, the natural day/night cycle might be difficult to achieve,” says Terry McGowan, American Lighting Association’s director of engineering. “Many people spend their days inside working and their evenings exposed to bright screens and artificial light sources, interfering with the desired cycle of light exposure. The good news is that research shows that electric light sources can help provide exposure to the right levels of light at the right times throughout the day to help maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.”

There are many strategies business owners and office managers can use to make their work environment healthy, comfortable, and productive for their employees. Lighting control technology and LEDs can help bring a better circadian rhythm to offices. Daylight lighting controls can make LEDs coordinate their brightness with the daylight cycles. Starting in the morning, lighting can increasingly grow brighter into the afternoon and start dimming into the evening. Task lighting like desk lamps can be used to provide a healthy amount of lighting to employees when it gets towards the end of the workday.

Click here to view the full article, originally published March 7, 2023, by News Wires.


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