Commercial Grade Lighting Products vs Residential

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Customers sometimes ask us why they can find great deals on lamps at some home improvement centers.
Are the low-priced lamps sold at stores the same as what you get from a commercial supplier? These stores are focusing on residential customers, so are the lamps the same as commercial grade lighting products?
Top residential lamp manufacturers say residential and commercial lighting are the same. The packaging is different to appeal to different buyers, but there’s no difference in the lamps internal design.
Commercial suppliers sell the same products as home improvement stores, including value-priced, LED lamps. These lamps have a shorter lifespan making it possible for manufacturers to lower consumer costs. So, the question remains, why lamps are more affordable at retail stores?

Why Lamps Are Less Expensive at Home Improvement Stores

Here are a few reasons why your lamps are cheaper in the store.

Energy Rebates Included in the Price

Residential and commercial lighting products often come with rebates. You get the same rebates from both suppliers; the difference is when it’s applied. Home improvement stores tend to purchase lamps in bulk and they claim the rebate.
The rebate is factored into the price. It’s one of the reasons you often find lamps on sale at box stores. Another reason is due to the volume of energy-efficient lamps the stores sell. Energy companies often give them incentives to continue to make large purchases.

Get Rid of Old Products

Stores do not like holding on to products for extended periods. When lamps aren’t moving, you start seeing sale signs go up. Prices are often reduced to the store’s cost, and sometimes even lower to make room for new products.

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Products are Limited

Stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart only carry a few well-known and popular products. Carrying only a few lamps and PAR lamps allows the stores to easily buy in bulk. Having a limited product selection also ensures plenty of shelf space for other items.
When you’re looking for specialty commercial grade lighting products you need to skip the stores and go to a supplier.

Employees Have Limited Product Knowledge

Box store employees can direct you to the lighting department, but it’s rare you find someone that can answer questions about products. It’s up to you to decide what type of lamp or fixture is your best option.
Commercial lighting suppliers or commercial lighting service providers thoroughly train all employees, so they can answer your questions and help you pick the right products. There’s no guesswork involved.

If your organization is considering an LED retrofit or Commercial Lighting Service, Action Services Group has trained lighting professionals standing by to assist you in selecting products, completing an LED retrofit, project management and lighting maintenance services. To schedule a call to speak with one of our lighting specialists, click the button below.

Where to Buy Commercial Grade Lighting Products

If you only need a couple of replacement lamps, a home improvement store or grocery supercenter is a convenient option. It’s a quick and easy errand you can combine with others.
It’s different if your project calls for several hundred or thousand lamps. The chances are slim you’ll find what you need at a box store. Thats when you want to visit a commercial lighting supplier or call your commercial lighting service providers.
With a commercial lighting service provider, you will get advice on products, along with commercial-grade lighting product tips, and project management options. Commercial lighting service provider often offer lighting-as-a-service option. With Lighting-as-a-Service commercial lighting service provider is responsible for suppling product, upgrading your lighting, and maintaining your lighting system.

To learn more about Lighting-as-a-Service and how your organization can start saving money with this technology subscription, review our LaaS home page as well as our blogs.

When is the Best Time to Buy LED Lighting?

Every situation is different. If your lights are on 24/7 throughout the year, a lighting retrofit project will save your organization money in energy costs. If you only have a few lamps or fixtures to replace, it comes down to your budget and any time constraints. For those thinking about an LED retrofit for 2021, you might want to check out the available rebates, and tax incentives for this year.
If you have questions about when to buy LED lighting, a Action Services Gorup is here to answer any questions. Contact us today by calling 610-558-9773 or email [email protected].


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