Commercial Lighting Converts to Wireless Controls

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Commercial lighting controls have a long history of providing facility owners and managers with noticeable energy savings. The advanced lighting controls also improve the occupant’s experience by improving safety and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

With technical advancements that include wireless lighting controls, commercial building managers can take advantage of additional benefits, including reduced energy usage. These advanced lighting systems can also be integrated into other building systems providing you with a more efficient operation.

Why Commercial Wireless Lighting Controls Make Financial Sense

Did you know you can reduce energy costs on average by 70 – 75% using connected and wireless LED lighting controls?

Lighting systems often account for around 30% of the energy used in commercial facilities. Installing wireless controls will produce significant energy savings, but it also comes at a cost. Advanced lighting controls are expensive and often complex, making some commercial building owners and managers hesitant to approve the upgrades.

However, when it comes to seeing a return on your investment, wireless lighting controls are more cost-effective than connected lighting controls. Integrating wired controls often disrupt daily business operations. Installing connected lighting controls is also time-consuming.

On the other hand, wireless lighting controls are easier to install, and the process rarely interrupts business activities. Best of all, wireless controls offer the flexibility you don’t get with connected controls, making them ideal for use in small and large commercial buildings.

There are a lot of benefits to wireless lighting controls and intelligent buildings. We have an entire lighting controls education blog feed that walks you through all of your lighting control questions.

Connecting Lighting Controls Across the Facility

Turning a facility into a data-driven smart building using wireless lighting controls is possible using Bluetooth mesh networking. It is a reliable and scalable solution that allows you to create a large-scale lighting network.

Bluetooth mesh networking allows the various wireless lighting controls to send and receive messages, turning it into a connected system that can easily be controlled from one device or completely automated.

Reliability and Wireless Lighting Controls

Bluetooth mesh networking turns wireless lighting controls into an efficient and reliable system. Using messaging, either multipath or peer-to-peer, Bluetooth networking ensures reliability.

How it works is simple. Instead of the Bluetooth mesh network delivering messages to a central controller, the system communicates with the light fixtures. It helps to eliminate any mixed or lost messages that can lead to a lighting failure. Along with delivering reliable performance, commercial facilities also see a reduction in energy costs.

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Efficient Messaging Across Lighting Controls

Wired lighting controls with unicast messaging traffic are no longer the standard system in commercial buildings. Combining mesh networking with wireless commercial lighting controls improves performance and reliability, while also allowing for reliable performance.

Mesh networking can turn the lights on and off in a conference room and adjust brightness levels according to the amount of sunlight in the room, along with a host of other tasks.

Learn More About the Future of Commercial Lighting Controls

Wireless lighting controls do come at a price, but they also have a high ROI over time. Whether you want to learn more about wireless controls or have questions about mesh networking, we can help.

Action Services Group has dedicated lighting professionals waiting to answer all your wireless lighting control questions. Speak to one today, by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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