Do You Know About This Type of Indoor Lighting?

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Your building’s lighting setup is more flexible than you may realize. You can do more than add a few lamps to the existing fixtures. With multiple types of lighting options, you can create a workspace that benefits everyone.

What is Indoor Lighting?

Indoor lighting is any fixture or lamp that illuminates interior spaces. Along with illuminating a space, lighting fixtures can enhance your building’s design and décor.

A tip to remember is while indoor lighting fixtures are durable, they are not weather-proof or rated for outdoor use.

When you are ready to upgrade your existing lighting system or install it in a new construction, here’s a look at 14 types of lighting fixtures commonly used in commercial facilities.

14 Types of Indoor LED Lighting Fixtures

You can mix and match any of these lighting fixtures to create the ideal ambiance in your commercial space.

1. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed light fixtures are flush with your ceiling or walls. The fixtures can also be installed in the floor. The fixtures are available in a variety of sizes. You can use smaller ones for workstations and larger ones for board and conference rooms. Recessed lighting is also a good option in atriums and hallways, to name a few uses.


2. Track Lighting

When you want to direct light from the ceiling to the floor, track lighting fixtures get the job done. The lights protrude from the ceiling and are often adjustable. You can angle the light in the downward direction you want. Track lighting is often used in hallways or placed in the center of a room. This type of fixture can give the space an artistic feel while also illuminating the area.

3. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling and are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose fixtures that blend into the existing décor or go with ones that make a statement. Pendant lights also direct light down, like track lighting. The primary difference is pendant light fixtures are a little easier to install. You also have more design options.

4. Wall Scones

Wall scones are a good option when you want to illuminate a hallway, desk, or side table. Like several other types of fixtures, you have options when it comes to design and color. You can choose a more permanent route and have the scones installed by a licensed electrician. Another option is to use plug-in fixtures. However, there are a couple of downsides. It’s up to you to hide the wires. You are also responsible for ensuring the scones are securely mounted.

5. Ceiling Lighting

Installing ceiling lighting fixtures is a permanent solution. Along with recessed ceiling fixtures, you can also choose pendants, chandeliers, and other types of lower-hanging lights. These fixtures often make a statement. Think of using ceiling lighting in entryways, atriums, and over boardroom tables.

6. Ambient Lighting

Using lighting fixtures as a foundation is known as ambient lighting. Several types of lighting fixtures fall into this category, including ceiling, recessed, and track lighting. The fixtures typically create a layer of bright or off-white tones, and some bulbs emit yellow light. From there, you can add additional fixtures for accent and task lighting.

7. Task Lighting

This type of lighting fixture is used for specific tasks. The lights can be over workstations, desks, and side tables in break and conference rooms. Task lighting fixtures also allow for some creativity. You can experiment with different styles, placement, and the light’s brightness.

No matter what type of interior lighting you are interested in, human centric lighting should also be included in your decision-making process. What is Human Centric Lighting? Let’s find out, read out latest blog on the topic.

8. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is an effective way of illuminating a space and highlighting a design or décor feature. This type of lighting works best when it’s installed directly above the feature you want to show off. You can also experiment with different styles and lamp colors to find the fixtures that work best in your space.

9. LED Lights

LED lights are versatile, long-lasting, and energy efficient. Instead of emitting a single light bean, LEDs send light in all directions effectively illuminating the entire space. Along with their versatility, LED lights come in several different designs. You can choose from standard bulbs or more decorative fixtures. Some LEDs also come with features like color-changing abilities.

10. Laser Lighting

Using electrical filaments to produce light, lasers emit a narrow beam that doesn’t lose its focus or brightness across distances. The narrow beam makes it easy to diffract the light into several smaller beams, giving you multiple design options. You can even use laser lights to create a starry sky effect.

11. Portable Lighting

You may have seldom used spaces or small areas without access to electricity. In these instances, portable lighting is a viable option. It can also be a safety precaution in the event of a power failure. Portable lights can be electric, but most are battery powered. Some even plug into a USB port. You may also want to look for portable lights with rechargeable batteries. It will help ensure you can always illuminate a dark space.

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12. Plug-in Lighting

While you may have the majority of your commercial light fixtures wired into your electrical system, some simply plug into an outlet. It includes floor and desk lamps, along with some types of laser lighting. Being able to plug the fixture into any compatible outlet gives you the freedom to move the light as needed.

13. Star Lighting

Star lighting creates a unique visual effect on the walls and ceilings. This type of lighting uses lasers to simulate the nighttime sky. You can also choose between a variety of colors to match or complement your space. You may find this lighting in large rooms like auditoriums or anywhere else you want to create a stunning visual effect.

14. Galaxy and Nebula Cloud Lighting Fixtures

You can create more than just a starry night sky with these lighting fixtures. Use galaxy and nebula cloud fixtures to create entire galaxies in an area. It is an effective way of creating stunning visuals for guests and visitors. The flight from the fixtures can also have a calming effect on busy or stressed employees.

Let Us Help with Your Indoor Lighting Needs

Creating an effective and efficient lighting system sometimes requires outside assistance. Whether you are upgrading old lighting, or moving to next gen LED, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about the various types of indoor lighting fixtures and which ones may be best suited for your commercial space.

Our knowledgeable lighting specialists are here to help. Speak to one today by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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