Fast Food Organization – Sign & Lighting Scheduled Maintenance Case Study

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At Action Services Group our lighting maintenance service yardstick for achievement is measured by our customer’s success. Periodically we like to highlight these successes to help potential customers understand the value that we bring their business with our lighting maintenance service. Below, we’ll be examining a fast food restaurant chain operating 900+ company-owned stores across the domestic United States.

The Objective

This fast-food restaurant chain required an exterior signage and lighting maintenance service program that would reduce their annual exterior maintenance costs while ensuring a consistent brand image by having their signs fully lit at all times.

The Lighting Maintenance Service Challenge

With 900+ restaurants of multiple signage and exterior lighting formats. Action Services Group quickly recognized the challenges of planning, scheduling and executing in excess of 3,600 service visits annually. In addition, we understood the need to capture individual site signage and lighting data. To ensure the technician would have the proper materials on-hand when servicing a restaurant and to make energy-saving recommendations. The ability to capture a consolidated picture of the different types of materials would ensure that all signage and exterior lighting is serviced with only one trip each scheduled visit.

The Lighting Maintenance Service Solution

Action Services Group created a fixed-fee signage and lighting maintenance service program with scheduled quarterly visits for each location design. Site data was compiled on the first maintenance visit for every location. Technicians recorded and transmitted this information to our service management team, this site data was entered into our web based service management platform ServicePoint Solutions which connects people, process and technology. This interactive system is designed to manage all customer programs, serves as a repository for customer site lighting component data. Analyzing this data allows our project management team to make recommendations to better service our customer and reduce their costs.

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The Lighting Maintenance Service Results

The results of the lighting maintenance service program were dramatic. The first six months of the program saw a 57% reduction in signage and exterior lighting costs. Over the life of the program, the customer realized in excess of $300,000.00 in savings for this international fast-food restaurant chain. Additionally, our program management team scheduled and executed service visits for 900+ restaurants with the customer reporting only two service-related issues. Action Services Group pro-actively managed the sign and lighting issues so the store personnel could focus on their customers.


The implementation created extensive value for the fast-food burger chain. The dramatic reduction in lighting costs improved the bottom line while increasing the aesthetic professionalism of the stores. Contact Action Services Group today to learn how we can help your organization.  To speak with Action Services Group about your signage needs call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.


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