Gym Increases Motivation with LED Lighting

by | Feb 21, 2022 | 0 comments |

A new fitness facility used LED lighting to increase motivation and excitement in its users. Designers worked with the owners of Ignite Fitness to find the perfect balance of LED lighting in their gym facility. The facility started out just as an empty warehouse and was transformed into an inspirational place to exercise. The goals of the owners were to have an energizing environment but also relaxing and comfortable.
The lighting in the health facility has a direct connection with the mood they wanted to set for purpose of the room. The exercise areas have angular lighting and are also trying to make the room feel bigger since the space already has low ceilings. Plus, with the help of the DJ and instructors, the lighting controls can set the mood for varying workouts such as spin classes and yoga. The coffee and lounge area does not have any linear lighting to create a softer mood for post-workout relaxation.
Due to the gym being in a warehouse, the biggest challenge was that the designers did not have any natural lighting to work with. They had to carefully craft the lighting color and intensity for each part of the space.
Click here to read the full story originally posted on LED Magazine


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