Horticultural Society Recommends LED Lighting for Plants

by | Jan 19, 2023 | 0 comments |

Horticulturists are finding new and innovative ways to help their plants using lighting. There are now new lighting requirements for horticulturists to use on their crops. The controlled agriculture industry (CEA) finalized lighting requirements for LEDS to be used throughout greenhouses. The industry has been supporting efforts towards sustainability and has created an entire list of recommended products for greenhouse owners to follow called the Horticulturalists Qualified Products List.

LED lighting has been gaining more popularity within the profession as a substitute to alternative lamps like incandescent. LEDs give off less heat than alternative lamps do therefore helping the climate the plants are surviving in meanwhile helping horticulturists save money by conserving energy. LED lamps even require less maintenance because of their longer lifespan and don’t need to be changed as often. High pressure sodium lighting is often used instead of LEDs but they require time to heat up and cool down when the lights are turned on and off. They also aren’t as energy efficient as LEDs.

The lights can even be programable with LED lighting controls. The color temperature of lighting can be a helpful tool for plants and getting them to grow to their fullest potential. Lighting controls like timers and daylight timers are useful to agriculturists when installing intelligent lighting for their plants.

Click here to view the full article, originally published on December 9, 2022 by Greenhouse Grower.


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