How to Choose LED Grow Lights for Your Greenhouse

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Greenhouses are a growing trend in agriculture. Climate, light, and temperature vary according to location, but greenhouses can keep a stable environment throughout the whole year. However, different plants have specific needs that include various degrees of lighting. Growers are experimenting with different lighting products to speed up the plant’s development and shorten its growth cycle.

Unfortunately, the current grow light market has some deficiencies. For example,

  1. A lack of analysis of specific spectral components leads to the impurity of grow light quality treatment.
  2. The light intensity is inconsistent, close to or even lower than the light compensation point of plants.
  3. Low energy efficiency of irradiation grow light source.

So, what type of light do plants need to thrive in greenhouses? Let’s take a look at grow lights for greenhouses.

LED Grow Lights for Greenhouses

Plants require blue and red light for photosynthesis. Light is a crucial factor in plant development and growth. LED grow lights are based primarily on the photosynthetic curve plants need to thrive. The grow lights are developed to simulate the environment plants receive from natural light.

After testing, the light wavelength LED grow lights produce is suitable for growth, flowering, and fruiting. Without LED grow lights, indoor plants suffer from a lack of light irradiation.

Using LED grow lights, plant growth is supported but the lights have additional benefits. The flowering period can be extended and plant quality improved.

Other benefits of LED grow lights include,

  • Provide supplementary light for plants in the case of insufficient external light to ensure sufficient light for plant growth.
  • Extend the illumination time. For plants that need medium and long sunshine, natural light cannot provide enough illumination time. LED grow lights can extend the illumination time to reach the optimal photoperiod of plants.
  • Fully utilize indoor greenhouse or plant laboratory to promote plant growth.

Comparing LED Grow Lights to Fluorescent Tubes

Comparing the efficiency of LED grow lights to fluorescent tubes includes the luminous flux and luminous effect. Fluorescent tubes have a higher flux and luminous efficiency than LEDs. It results in only about 50% of the light reaching the plants, compared to LEDs.

LED Grow Lights

The table shows how the downward-pointing light from LEDs is more effective for plant growth and development than fluorescent bulbs.

Red, Green, and Blue Light Comparison

Plants need red and blue light, and LEDs can provide up to 99.5% percent. In comparison, Fluorescent bulbs provide around 53.9%. Fluorescents also emit green light, but it is not beneficial for plant growth.

LED Grow Lights

Comparing Power Usage

LED grow lights use less energy than fluorescent ones. It equals savings on energy bills, making LEDs more economical for use in greenhouses. The following table shows the difference in power usage between the two types of lights.

LED Grow Lights

Lifespan Comparison

The following table indicates that LED lights have a lifespan of around 20 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights from Action Services Group

Comparing LED lights with fluorescent bulbs highlights the differences. LEDs are better for plant development, growth, and flowering. LED grow lights also have a longer lifespan, use less energy, and are also smaller in weight and size.

Action Services Group offers a fully turn-key LED retrofit solution for Greenhouses. From product purchase to installation and lighting controls, we have a customizable greenhouse grow light solution for you.  

To learn more about how we can assist your greenhouse, contact one of our lighting specialists today. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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