Is an LED Retrofit Right for Your Organization?

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As the end of the year approaches in the next couple of weeks, people start thinking about both the personal and professional goals that they have for the new year. We typically associate goal setting with personal things like: quitting smoking, spending more time with family, and going to the gym. However, this is also the time of year to start thinking about professional related goals like improving your facilities lighting with an LED retrofit. In today’s post, we will look at what an LED retrofit might look like for your organization.

    li>Reduced maintenance costs. – Switching to LED lighting will help to eliminate the maintenance downtime that is associated with HID bulb technology. On average LED’s last between 4 and 40 times longer than their HID counterparts. This is because of the way that LED’s progress through their useful life. Additionally, LED’s utilize solid-state technology which eliminates many of the potential failure points that HID bulbs have like: wires, filaments, and other components in the lights. Depending on the size of your facility this maintenance time savings could be considerable.
  • Improved lighting quality. LED’s have a great color rendering index as compared to HPS lighting. Color rendering index is the measurement of a light’s ability to reveal the actual color of objects as compared to an ideal light source like natural light. This is unlike HPS lighting that has a very low color rendering index and everything looks yellow and discolored. So by switching to LED’s you have a much-improved lighting quality.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Finally, one of the primary drivers to implement LED lighting is the massive reductions that you will realize in your energy bills. On average clients that convert to LED lighting see a reduction between 40% – 70% in their monthly utility bills. In addition to the massive saving in energy that you will receive there are also some significant financial rebates available for LED’s. This really helps to decrease the total cost of ownership of the lighting.

Before and After Images

Before and After of an Interior LEd Retrofit - Is an LED Retrofit Right for You - in Blog Image

LED Retrofit Cost

If looked at in isolation, the upfront cost of LED lights are higher than more traditional HID bulbs. However, this does not give an accurate total cost of ownership of the lighting. If you look at these costs in context, LED’s are more affordable when evaluated over their useful life. It’s important to remember the reduced maintenance expense, decreased energy cost and improved lighting quality that you’ll have when you install an LED lighting retrofit.


In conclusion, taking on an LED retrofit can be a big project for any organization regardless of size. For information on what a retrofit would look like for your organization contact Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below. We would be happy to put together a free no-obligation assessment for your organization.


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