Is Your Hotel Prepared for a Power Outage?

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Unexpected power outages are devasting for hotels. The United States has high hospitality standards and when problems arise, staff must find creative solutions to ensure their guests have a safe and comfortable stay.

Surprisingly, a blackout affecting around 45 million people in New York, resulting in $3 billion in losses in 2003 produced a positive effect. Hotels decided improvements were necessary to prepare for unexpected power outages. A study conducted after the devasting blackout indicates that half of the hotels affected lack adequate emergency power. Hotels that kept their lights on relied on generators or batteries. 85% of the hotels with standby generators had power while only 16% of businesses relying on batteries stayed up and running.

Here’s a look at the amenities and facilities affected in hotels during the 2003 blackout.

  • Air Conditioning (98%)
  • Guest Room Lights (96%)
  • Computers (89%)
  • Cooking Systems (89%)
  • Elevators (88%)
  • Refrigeration (87%)
  • Telephones (79%)
  • Hot Water (74%)
  • Bathrooms (69%)
  • Automatic Doors (65%)
  • Emergency Lights (56%)
  • Potable Water (45%)
  • Two-Way Radios (39%)
  • Guest Room Locks (24%)

These facilities and amenities are crucial for guests. To keep everything running smoothly, backup power for hotels is crucial regardless of the location.

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Preparing Your Hotel for a Power Outage

Backup power for hotels isn’t a suggestion or something to consider at a later date. When the power goes out, especially for an extended time it can ruin the hotel’s reputation. Here are a few suggestions to help hotels and staff prepare for a potential power outage.

  1. Update and review the hotel’s emergency response plan with staff
  2. Have plenty of light sticks available for consistent and affordable lighting
  3. Place batteries and flashlights in specific spaces, easy to reach in an emergency
  4. Have sets of emergency room keys
  5. Make a list of areas you want the standby generator to power at the hotel
  6. Create an action plan if anyone gets trapped in an elevator
  7. Test the fire alarm system to ensure it continues working in a blackout
  8. Create a plan to minimize food spoilage
  9. Train staff on how to properly power down the hotel
  10. Ensure management has a complete list of staff cell phone numbers. It’s often the only way to communicate during a blackout

Emergency and Backup Power for Hotels

If there is not a standby generator for your hotel, contact us today. We specialize in electrical projects and can help with everything from selecting the right model to installation and usage training.

Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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