LED Lighting Helps Slow Down the Energy Crisis

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Countries around the world are in a race to convert their resources over to renewable energy while some of them face escalating energy prices and shortages. Places like Australia are struggling to come up with enough energy to keep the lights on for homes in the South Wales region. California also is facing the possibility of blackouts while they transition away from fossil fuels.  The United Kingdom is working for a new way to combat the energy crisis happening around the world. Their Race to Zero campaign is working to switch the country over to energy efficient usage and lowering carbon emissions, therefore helping the environment, and saving money on energy usage.

One of the strategies being use in the Race to Zero is the usage of LED lighting. LED lighting has the power to be adaptable for any environment with the added bonus of helping their users save energy and money. Also, since LED lighting lasts longer, they require less maintenance than alternative lighting. LED lighting has the capabilities to be used in homes and for businesses. Its customizable options make it perfect for both interior and exterior lighting as well. LED lighting is only one piece of the U.K.’s ten-point plan for the initiatives that they are putting forth in their dedication to combating climate change.

“The world is facing the most significant energy crisis in recent history and energy efficiency is a solution to many of its most urgent challenges,” Nicholas Howarth, Senior Analyst at the International Energy Agency. LED lighting can be a major contributor to lowering energy usage and saving money on utility bills. Switching to an LED retrofit will benefit businesses, homes, and the environment.

Click here to read the full article, originally published June 30, 2022 by Open Access Government.


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