LED Lighting Shines as Incandescent Bulbs Phase Out

by | Mar 22, 2022 | 0 comments |

The usual incandescent lightbulbs are losing popularity in recent years while LED lighting is gaining more popularity. The Biden Administration plans to see that through in an effort to expand on energy-efficient lighting for the country’s climate change efforts. Not only is LED lighting a more energy conscious choice of lighting, but it also helps their users save more money because of the electricity it conserves.
LEDs have had lots of technological updates since they have been released into the market. When they were initially released, they were known for having a cooler color temperature compared to the incandescent light being a warmer one. Now LED lighting has capabilities for lighting control systems that can adjust the color temperature to the consumers’ needs. They also can work with switch dimmers and can have the brightness adjusted.
The Appliance Awareness Project did research comparing incandescent bulbs with LEDs. They found that if all the incandescent bulbs in the United States are replaced with LED it would result in an upwards of $20 million in savings for the public and drastically reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking 10 million cars off the road. The Consumer Federation of America also found that a house with 20 lightbulbs could save about $100 per year by switching their bulbs to LEDs.
Click here to read the full article originally posted on The Washington Post.


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