LED Round High Bay Lighting – Are There Benefits?

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High bay lighting is commonly found in commercial and office settings. As technology continues to advance, LED high bay lighting is exceeding HID fixtures in popularity.
LED high bay lighting is energy efficient, produces a higher quality of light, and helps create a comfortable work environment. The LEDs also last longer than traditional HID high bay lighting, resulting in less maintenance and lower operating costs.
Switching to LED high bay lighting comes with plenty of benefits, but you also have to decide on the type of light fixture. High bay lighting is either linear or round and each type has its best uses.

LED Round High Bay Lighting vs Linear Lights

When you are deciding between the two types of LED high bay lighting you want to consider how the shape of the fixture affects the beam’s angle and size.
LED round high bay lighting produces a cone-shaped beam, giving you a more focused light. The light beam is generally around 120 to 90 degrees.
In comparison, linear high bay lights have a rectangular beam that works well in hallways and stairwells.
Like most types of lighting fixtures, both types of high bays also have a few downsides.
LED Round High Bay Lighting Drawbacks

  • The round fixture may not easily fit in narrow spaces like hallways

Linear High Bay Lighting Drawbacks

  • Installation is a little more expensive
  • You have fewer options when it comes to beam angles, limiting the fixture’s versatility.
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Benefits of Round High Bay Lighting

LED round high bay lighting is energy efficient, comes with a slim profile, and the lightweight fixtures are easy to install.
Here are a few other benefits you get when you go with round high bays.

Simplify Your Lighting Retrofit

Most commercial buildings are designed with round high bays in mind. It makes transitioning to eco-friendly LEDs a relatively simple project.
Most of the parts are already installed, leaving only the fixtures that attach easily to your existing structures.
With an average lifespan of around 50,000 hours, you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance.

Slim Design

Round high bays have a slim profile that fits most ceiling types. The fixtures are compact and lightweight, making installation a breeze. The slim design is also aesthetically pleasing, while also effectively illuminating the space.

Energy Efficient

LED round high bay lighting is an energy-efficient option. The lamps produce more lumens while using less electricity. Not only will you see savings on your energy bills, but LEDs are also better for the environment.

Switch to LED High Bay Lighting with Action Services Group

Before you start upgrading your outdated HID high bays to energy-efficient LED lighting, it’s a good idea to partner with the experts.
Whether you want to use linear high bays to illuminate a hallway or LED round high bays in a large space, we can help you with every step of your project.
Contact us today and speak with our lighting experts about your lighting goals. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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