Lighting Controls Improve Work Life of Employees

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When LEDs and lighting controls are implemented around the workplace, it has shown positive impacts on the employees. Certain lights and lighting controls have been proven to improve the health, mood, and productivity of the occupants inside. Maintaining a healthy amount of lighting can even improve sleep cycles and a circadian rhythm.

There are various types of lighting controls that are typically used in a workspace. Dimming and daylighting are two popular ones. Dimming allows employees to have some control over how much light is being used. They can dim the lights as needed, which helps make the room more comfortable. Daylighting is when the interior lights adjust color and brightness to the time of day. When looking at workplace lighting, it’s important to choose the best lighting solutions that suit the needs of your employees and customers.

There are numerous ways to improve the lighting at a workplace or office. The best thing to do is to allow as much natural light as possible to assist in regulating occupants’ circadian rhythm. Adding dimmable overhead lights paired with lamps on the desk will be suitable when it begins getting darker earlier or to ease the strain of bright lighting throughout the day. Choosing ambient lighting around the workplace can alleviate some of the strain that computers have on employees’ eyes.

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