Massive LED Display for TK Elevator’s New Headquarters

by | Feb 21, 2022 | 0 comments |

TK Elevators new headquarters consists of thousands of LED mesh lighting that shines the sky of Atlanta, Georgia. The new three building structure stretches 420ft tall and is 205,000 sq ft. The center features a massive LED light display showing the TKE logo but has many more possibilities with its over 700,000 RGB lighting. The LED mesh system shows out to the people of Atlanta but also the people riding inside the two elevators inside the display tower.
“It began simply as a way to celebrate ‘elevator’ in this space,” said Jerry Alexander, the global leader of Gensler’s brand design practice and a Houston-based principal. “As we kept developing that concept further, the idea of a digital canvas came into play that would allow us a more dynamic way of communicating what’s going on inside.”
The architects designed the new structure with energy efficiency in mind as well. The diodes will adjust their emissions from day to night to reduce their carbon footprint. To cut down on light pollution, the hooded LEDs point downwards to keep the view of the lights towards the streets where the majority of onlookers will be.
Click here to read the full article, originally posted on LEDs Magazine


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