New Smartbulb Making a Breakthrough in the Healthcare Industry

by | Jan 20, 2022 | 0 comments |

Smart lighting company Sengled has many new products coming out that are both fun and intriguing. These bulbs are typically used through Bluetooth and wi-fi. They are setting the new standard for smart home devices as they reach their fourth quarter and begin releasing their new devices. They are also pledging to be compatible with the new up and coming smart device hub Matter.
This smart bulb, called Zigbee, is compatible with popular smart devices like the Amazon Alexa, Google, and more. These bulbs can be used to detect if a person has fallen or in need of any assistance. It has not been released yet, what the bulb will do in the event of these emergencies. These bulbs can work alone or in connection with other smart bulbs and devices. It also can be used with Wi-Fi and connected through Bluetooth. It will monitor the owners with radar technology and has capabilities to track your sleep, heart rate and blood pressure.
Other new devices are in the works from Sengled such as LED tv strip lights to make movie nights more immersive, Bluetooth mesh LED ceiling lights, and window and door motion sensors that control lighting. Click here to read the full article originally posted on The Verge


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