Post-Pandemic Human-Centric Lighting

by | Sep 21, 2020 | 0 comments |

The coronavirus has abruptly and drastically reduced the degree and frequency at which common physical interaction is taking place. We are seeing global economies shrink as we try and come to terms with the “new normal”. As covid-19 reshapes our economic and infrastructure landscape, how will the lighting industry coping and evolving in the post-pandemic era?
People in the modern age spend approximately 90% of the time indoors, mostly with the lights on, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. In the post-COVID-19 world, LED lighting has an advantageous position to become the control hub that seamlessly brings together technologies for enriching human lives. Already, advanced solid-state lighting (SSL) systems can provide more amicable and productive human-centric lighting, which has also been described as circadian lighting but literally and broadly represents lighting that could benefit human health and physiology (for a more specific focus on circadian lighting, see “Circadian principles require a new light language” from this issue).
This means lighting needs to deliver far more than illumination, and SSL needs to deliver far more than energy savings. Lighting needs to disrupt and transcend itself to become truly human-centric.
Click here to read the full story, posted September 8th, 2020, in LEDs Magazine.


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