Reality Check for LED Lifetime Claims

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Alex Baker, manager of government affairs and public policy for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), recently wrote an article for LEDsmagazine, where he expanded upon the topic of LED lifespan.
As Baker walks us through an LEDs lifespan and how it is calculated he also states, “many companies are trying to do the right thing, making responsible LED lifetime claims fully informed by industry standards, while others are clearly attempting to profit from the uninformed and underinformed.”
As you continue to read, you will come to a shocking discovery. Baker wrote, “In a great many instances, manufacturers have either doctored LM-80 data to skew projections to their advantage, selectively enforced TM-21’s calculation requirements, or maybe just made up a bunch of data.”
This has become a major concern across the industry and while this article is a bit lengthy, it has some valuable info for consumers. Read Full Article Here
We also suggest reading, Understanding LED Lifespan.


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