Reduce Expenses and Increase Security with Commercial Lighting Controls

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Keeping expenses down is one of the hardest parts of the job for business owners and managers. An effective way of reducing operating costs is to install an energy-efficient lighting control system.

Not sure how lighting controls can help reduce energy usage costs, and provide other benefits? Keep reading to learn more!

What are Commercial Lighting Controls?

Commercial lighting controls either automatically turn lights connected to the system on and off or allow you to control the lights manually. Lighting controls perform a variety of functions, depending on the type you choose to install.

Some of the common lighting controls used in commercial settings include the following.

  • Basic lighting controls: Basic lighting control systems are simple to install. The control panel features an on/off switch you flick according to your needs. Basic controls lack some features like networking you get with more advanced controls. However, combining basic lighting controls with energy-efficient LED bulbs can help reduce electricity costs.
  • Dimmer switches: Dimmer switches allow you to control the light’s level of brightness. The switch slides back and forth, so you can adjust the amount of light in an area. The eco-friendly switches help you save money on energy usage since the lights are rarely fully on.
  • Motion sensors: Using lights only when necessary is an effective way to cut back on energy consumption. Motion detectors only turn the lights on when movement is sensed. The lights turn back off automatically after a preset amount of time. Motion sensors are ideal for use with exterior lighting.
  • Occupancy sensors: Similar to motion sensors, occupancy sensors are commonly found in rooms that are not always in use. The sensors turn the lights on when movement is detected in the area. When the room is empty, the sensors automatically turn the lights off. Bathrooms, conference areas, and break rooms are some areas businesses commonly install occupancy sensors.
  • Networked system: Networked lighting controls are the most advanced option. The system allows business owners and managers to monitor light usage from an app downloaded to a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The app also lets controllers tweak usage to increase energy savings.

To learn more about the different types of lighting controls, from basic to smart buildings, check out our Lighting Controls Education Center. Here you will find and in-depth look at commercial lighting controls and strategies that offer increased energy-efficiencies and savings. 

<h2>Benefits of Commercial Lighting Controls

Businesses that install commercial lighting controls typically see the following benefits.

Increase Savings

Regardless of the business’s size, every company wants to reduce costs. Installing commercial lighting controls can reduce electricity overhead by as much as 60 percent. Add in the estimated 30 percent decrease in lighting costs, and businesses can save up to 40 percent on their annual electricity bills.

Lighting controls allow you to cut back on usage with sensors and networking capabilities. These controls include RFID readers, motion detectors, and occupancy sensors. LED lights are also up to 80 percent more energy efficient than incandescent lamps.

Increase Efficiency

It’s not uncommon for up to 30 percent of energy usage to be attributed to lighting in unoccupied areas. Lighting is responsible for a large part of a building’s energy costs. However, installing lighting controls can significantly reduce electricity usage.

Reducing energy consumption does more than translate into savings. It also resonates with consumers. A survey finds around 56 percent of consumers will not support brands that do not practice sustainability. Reducing your carbon footprint is a way to show consumers you care about the environment.

Boost Security

Exterior lighting controls like motion sensors improve security without wasting electricity. The sensors only turn the lights on when they detect movement and automatically turn the lights off. Lighting exterior areas deters theft and vandalism. It also improves employee and visitor safety at night. These controls can also be connected to alarms and CCTV cameras to further increase security around your commercial building.

Simple to Use

Lighting controls are a breeze to use either on-site or remotely. Networked controls allow you to monitor the building’s lighting system from any smart device. Some controls are also wireless, making it even easier to control the lighting across the building or in a specific area.

Even installation is relatively simple, especially with help from a certified electrician. The installation costs are easily offset by the savings you see on your monthly utility bills.

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We Can Help Your Business Reduce Lighting Expenses

While reducing energy usage costs is a key reason businesses install commercial lighting controls. Safety is another important reason.

If you are new to lighting controls, we can explain everything from basic to advanced controls. We can also offer recommendations for your business. Talk to us today about installing commercial lighting controls and start experiencing the benefits. Call 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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