Restaurant Lighting Trends for 2024

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Lighting is crucial in restaurants. The right lighting can create the ideal ambiance, highlight specific areas, and affect how diners perceive the food. We’ll take a look at current restaurant lighting trends. We’ll even explore restaurant lighting ideas that can help you create an unforgettable experience for dinners.

Popular Restaurant Lighting Trends

While every business is unique, these restaurant lighting ideas can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your patrons.

Pendant Lighting Ideas

Hanging pendant light fixtures are a stylish way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The lights can easily become the focal point above a bar, in the reception area, or above tables. You can choose from a variety of shade styles and colors. Even the fixtures can be as ornate as you feel is needed in the space.

Pendant lights can create ambient or task lighting, making them a versatile option. This is also a reason for the fixtures’ popularity. Since you can easily adjust the height and position of the lights, they are a great option in small and mid-sized dining spaces. You may even want to hang pendant lights in the kitchen to help illuminate prep tables and other areas.


Track Lighting Ideas

This restaurant lighting idea gives you some flexibility in how you shape the customer’s experience. The lighting is mounted on tracks, you can choose from a few different styles. The fixtures provide direct light to specific areas and are often adjustable. You can dim and brighten the lighting levels as needed throughout the day.

Along with its functionality, track lighting comes in a variety of designs and styles. Fixture shapes can be mixed and matched, some will also move on the tracks. You can also use track lighting to highlight specific features like artwork. This is a trick frequently used in high-end establishments.

If you need to move tables together for large dinner parties, track lighting can be adjusted to ensure everyone has the ideal amount of light.

If your restaurant is considering an LED upgrade for 2024 we also suggest reading, Tips for Improving Restaurant Lighting. We cover every section of a restaurant including entrances, kitchen, service area, dining rooms and everything else in-between.

Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Chandeliers are popular in high-end restaurants. The light fixtures add a sense of elegance and sophistication. The lights attached to the multiple arms/branches provide ample light, while the fixture only adds to the display.

Chandeliers can be a statement piece, tie other design elements together, and provide plenty of lighting for dinners and staff.

This popular restaurant lighting trend works best with high ceilings. You can also choose from multiple fixture styles to complement or contrast with the restaurant’s existing décor.

Menu Lighting Ideas

Your customers need light to read the menu. While you don’t want to disrupt the lighting ambiance, you may still need to up the light level. This is where menu lighting comes in. The small lights are customizable and often adjustable and dimmable.

Try to install the small lights in strategic places where the fixtures can highlight the menu. Some types of restaurants using menu lighting include cafes, cocktail bars, and fast-casual diners.

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Spot Lighting Ideas

With spot lighting, you can draw customers’ attention to a specific area or item. The lighting creates a visual interest that draws diners’ eyes. Some restaurant lighting trends include highlighting architectural features, artwork, and décor. Spot lighting can also create a sense of drama in dark spaces. Think of using spot lighting to draw attention to a performer on stage.

You can also use spot lighting to create a sense of intimacy at the table. Installed above booths or in private dining rooms can help customers feel more relaxed and enhance their sense of privacy.

Restaurant Lighting from Action Services Group

If you are looking for restaurant lighting ideas or are ready to start your LED upgrade, we can help. Whether you want to stay current with the latest restaurant lighting trends or create the perfect atmosphere for your guests, contact Action Services Group today. Call us at 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call.


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