Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings – What are the Pros and Cons?

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Installing solar panels on a commercial building can save you money. It can also attract new customers and help you retain existing ones. Consumers are paying more attention to businesses and their commitment to sustainable practices and using solar energy shows your organization cares about the environment.

However, before you purchase and install solar panels it’s a good idea to know the ups and downs of the technology.

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings – Benefits

Lower utility bills are a primary reason why businesses opt to install solar panels. After installation, your electric bills drop significantly. Some months you may not owe for the electricity you use. The solar panels generate electricity from the sun, and within 10 years or so you can recoup the purchasing and installation costs. Your utility provider may even purchase your unused electricity resulting in a payment from the electric company instead of a bill.

You are also less dependent on the power grid with solar panels. If the grid goes out, your business can still operate using solar energy.

The costs associated with purchasing and installing solar panels can be daunting. At first, it may be difficult to justify the expense. It can be especially true for smaller businesses with limited operating budgets. However, there are ways to offset the initial costs. Solar panel manufacturers and utility providers often offer financial incentives in the form of product rebates. You can also take advantage of state and federal tax credit programs. These, combined with your annual electricity savings can make solar panels more affordable.

Don’t forget about the potential uptick in sales. Your solar panels can attract green-conscious consumers. You are visibility demonstrating your commitment to the environment which can give you a boost ahead of your competitors.

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Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings – Downsides

On sunny days, solar panels reduce your dependence on the electrical grid. It’s a little different when the weather turns cloudy. A day or so of clouds isn’t going to make a significant difference in your energy costs, but costs can quickly add up if the skies stay grey and cloudy for several days. You may end up with a higher than expected energy bill.

Tall trees and buildings can also block sunlight, leaving you partially dependent on the power company. Before deciding to install solar panels, it’s a good idea to have a technician evaluate the building. You may be able to place the solar panels in locations without trees and buildings blocking the sun. If not, you will only receive a partial amount of energy from the panels.

Solar panels require routine maintenance, and it comes at a cost. Dust and debris will need to be regularly removed from the panels to ensure maximum efficiency. Wind, hail, and animals can also damage the panels. Some can be repaired while others will need replacing. It involves purchasing new solar panels and hiring a technician.

Rebates and tax credits can lower overall costs, but solar panels are still a significant investment. You may also need to reconfigure the building’s electrical system to accommodate the panels. Some roofs may also need upgrading to support the panels’ weight.

Solar Panels and Electrical Projects from Action Services Group

Before investing in solar panels, it’s a good idea to run a cost analysis. Look at the benefits and disadvantages and talk to a professional. Action Services Group can answer any questions. We can also help plan your project from the start through the installation process.

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