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As more and more people are paying attention to their health, gym memberships are increasing. Gyms are the ideal places to get a workout in, regardless of whether you are strength training, working on cardio, or just want to improve your overall health. Gyms have the space and equipment necessary to accomplish your workout goals.

However, along with equipment, gyms also need to think about lighting and LEDs are the popular choice. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about a gym LED retrofit.

Not All Areas Have the Same Lighting Requirements

An LED retrofit for gyms would be a simple process if every area had the same lighting requirements. However, lighting needs vary throughout the gym in terms of style and function. Here’s a look at the typical lighting needs for different areas.

Workout Areas

Lighting in workout areas is one of the most important considerations. This is one of the areas almost always in use and you want to meet specific requirements. Some gyms are tempted to install lighting with a high lumens output, however, it’s a mistake.

When clients are working out, they want a gentler light with a lower lumens rating. You also want to point the light towards the ceiling instead of the floor or at the workout equipment. Too bright light can be distracting and make people feel uncomfortable working out.

Weight Rooms

Intensive workouts happen in weight rooms and members need plenty of light to stay motivated. Installing LED lights in the ceilings increases light intensity. You get a brighter space ideal for grueling workouts.


Cardio Rooms

Focus is often key for a successful cardio workout and lighting can play a key role. Instead of using bright lighting that can create an annoying glare, use recessed lights in your gym LED retrofit. You get even lighting throughout the space, ideal for using machines like ellipticals and stair climbers.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms and other personal areas should have gentle lighting to make people feel more at ease. You also want the lighting to create a comfortable environment with plenty of visibility. Installing soft lighting throughout the room will help you achieve this effect. Something to remember is the light should also be flattering. You want people to notice the positive changes in their bodies they are getting from their workouts.

Shower Areas

People often feel vulnerable in shower areas and bright lighting can add to this feeling. Your gym’s LED retrofit should include installing soft lighting in shower areas. The gentle light can make people feel more at ease undressing in a semi-public space. Installing dimmer switches is another consideration. Gymgoers can adjust the lighting to meet their comfort levels.

Benefits of an LED Retrofit for Gyms

LED lighting is becoming common in all types of businesses, including gyms for multiple reasons. Here’s a brief look at some of the benefits you get from a gym LED retrofit.

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Reduced Glare

Gyms have multiple reflective surfaces that can produce glare from lighting. Equipment and mirrors can all reflect light producing distracting and annoying glare. LED lighting eliminates this problem, especially when the luminaries are properly placed. For example, pointing the light fixtures at the ceilings instead of the equipment.

Uniform Lighting

LED bulbs produce a more uniform light than other types of luminaires. You can use fewer fixtures while still adequately illuminating every corner of the room. Gym clients can see the equipment and watch their workouts in the mirror without trying to avoid areas that are too bright or dark.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls like dimmer switches help gym members feel more comfortable, especially in private spaces. They can adjust the lighting to fit their comfort levels. This can be especially important in areas like showers and locker rooms where some members may feel vulnerable undressing. Lighting controls can also improve everyone’s comfort in workout areas. If ambient light is coming in from skylights or tinted windows, the lights can be easily adjusted.

Energy Efficient

LEDs provide an even, bright light while also using less electricity than other types of luminaires. LEDs also burn cooler and emit less heat, this can equal additional savings on your gym’s heating and cooling bills. Saving on energy usage costs can help keep membership fees down.

Durable and Long-lasting

Not only are LEDs durable but they also last longer than other luminaires. You are spending less on replacements and maintenance. Along with helping to keep operating costs down, LEDs can also help your gym meet its sustainability goals. Since the bulbs and fixtures have a long lifespan you are reducing the amount of waste the gym generates annually.

Ready to Learn More About LED Retrofits for Gyms

Is your gym ready for an LED retrofit or to upgrade to next gen LED? If so, contact Action Services Group to learn more. Call 610-558-9773, email [email protected] or schedule a call to discuss your Turn-Key LED Retrofit options.


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