Time for a Commercial Electrical Inspection – What You Need to Know

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Keeping your commercial building safe and up to code requires regular electrical inspections. An electrical inspection ensures your system is functioning efficiently, and it reduces the risk of electrical hazards like fires.

Why You Should Have Regular Commercial Electrical Inspections

Scheduling routine electrical inspections ensure the wiring and other parts of the electrical system are working safely and efficiently. The inspections help identify any potential issues that could cause electrical fires or shocks. It also ensures all lighting, equipment, and other electrical components are working properly.

A Commercial electrical inspection alerts you if any wiring needs replacing or repairing. Wires, connectors, conduits, and other components are susceptible to wear and tear. Ignoring the issue can lead to other, more expensive problems. Some electrical issues can even place employees and visitors at risk.

Some of the problems that indicate you have an issue with your electrical system include flickering lights and non-working outlets. Not only are these issues an inconvenience but also a safety concern.

Compare the costs of an electrical inspection against those associated with having to stop operations due to an electrical problem.

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What to Expect During an Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is a pretty straightforward process. A licensed electrician will inspect your electrical system looking for any potential issues that can turn into hazards. The technician will also inspect any previous work done on the electrical system to ensure the issue is properly repaired.

The inspection includes making sure your electrical panel complies with current codes. An upgrade may be necessary if the codes have been changed.

Other components commonly reviewed during the inspection include,

  • The method used in wiring
  • How suitable the wiring method is for your building
  • The number of bends in each conduit
  • Whether or not your electrical system needs corrosion protection

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Questions to Ask During an Electrical Inspection

You may want to ask one or more of the following questions during your building’s commercial electrical inspection. It will help clarify what you can expect from the beginning to the inspection’s end.

Review any reports you receive at the conclusion of the inspection. Address any issues and contact a licensed electrician if electrical panel upgrades are required.

Electrical Inspections with Action Services Group

Does your building need a commercial electrical inspection or does your system need repairs or upgrades? Contact us today for all of your electrical needs, including an electrical inspection.

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