Unique Challenges You Need to Consider Before an LED Cabinet Sign Retrofit

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Are you considering a Cabinet Sign LED Retrofit? If so, there are a few things to examine first. What are your lighting priorities? Are you aiming for better energy consumption? Are you struggling with the constant need to replace failing lamps or ballasts? Or are you concerned with the quality of your existing lighting and its impact on your brand? No matter the reason, be it one of the above or a combination of issues, these insights on unique challenges surrounding Cabinet Sign LED Retrofits are essential to making the right decision for your organization.

Understanding Unique Challenges

All LED Sign Retrofits are the same. Right? We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no, not all retrofits are the same. For example, you have over 500 locations where you would like to retrofit your cabinet signs. Are all your signs the same size? Are your internal lamps the same? Are all your signs at the same height? If you are like most organizations, the answer to these questions is probably no, or I don’t know. But even if you don’t know the answer to these questions, it is essential to understand why they matter.

Are All Your Signs the Same Size?

Even if your organization only has 50 locations or 100, chances are there are going to be variations to your signage. You might have been hit with a winter storm a few years ago and had to replace a sign or portion of the face. Or maybe you rebranded some of your signs and not the others. A more common reason is a specific site’s landlord or even the township, which doesn’t allow for your brand’s primary sign size. There could be a variety of reasons that your signage is not identical, but whatever the reason, you need to know your sign’s lighting component data because your lamps are going to be different sizes based on the size of your signage.

Are All Your Signs Lamps and Fixtures the Same?

You are probably asking, why wouldn’t they be? Well, maybe you replaced some lamps and fixtures with new products due to the old products no longer being available. Another scenario where knowing your lighting component data is beneficial; you might have 10 ft Fluorescent Linear Tubes in your sign. If you want to do a linear LED Retrofit, LED tubes do not come in 10 ft lengths, so they would need to be replaced with compatible tubes that equal 10 ft.

Are All of Your Signs the Same Grade?

Why is this a challenge? Different signs at different grades can cause severe setbacks. If the last 100 locations that were retrofit all had the signage at a 20 ft grade and then the next 40 have the signs at a 35 ft grade, the equipment required will be different. You do not want the start date for your retrofit pushed back because the wrong size box truck was ordered.

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Overcoming These Challenges

The first option is to gather and maintain your signs lighting component data. The hard truth is that any LED Retrofit is more complicated and time-consuming without any lighting data. Have you done a site survey recently? You may want to consider doing a full survey of all of your locations and discerning the full breadth of your signage and lighting needs, unless your sign manufacturer or service company has this data. We recommend having a trained lighting technician help with your survey, as they can catch issues before they become a significant problem. Once you have your site data, where do you go with it? At Action Services Group we have designed ServicePoint Solutions, our enterprise management software, to be a repository for all of your lighting and signage data. Not only is ServicePoint Solutions a place for storing your data, it also offers an in-depth view of your services, a live look at our project management, a communication portal, as well as a hub for all of your reporting.

Some of ServicePoint Solutions Capabilities Include:

  • Sign Lighting Component Data
  • Site Performance Survey
  • Product Consumption Data Reporting
  • Facility Survey Data
  • Energy Savings Recommendations
  • Visit Our ServicePoint Solutions Page to review all capabilities

If you are considering an LED Retrofit for your organization’s signage, call Action Services Group at 610-558-9773 or email info@actionservicesgroup.com or schedule a call to discuss your retrofit options.


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