University of California Program Makes Advancements in LED Technology

by | Dec 13, 2021 | 0 comments |

The University of California is propelling a new program to retrofit their lights to LEDs as well as other government facilities. The Million LED Challenge is beginning its next phase to install LED lights to government buildings, University of California, California State University, and select community colleges. These institutions leaned towards picking LEDs for their new lighting systems because of the quality of the lights and the cost effectiveness. After learning from their previous program, The Million Lamp Challenge, they were able to evolve it into the Million LED Challenge.
This program initially started in 2017 when The University of California – Davis California Lighting Technology Center paired up with California State General Services started the Million Lamp Challenge where the previously mentioned universities and government facilities won a bid to get new lights installed. When the projects were finished there was lots of technical difficulties, issues with quality and the color of the lighting. This brought up the point for LEDs to be included in the program, transforming it into the Million LED Challenge. Those involved in the program did research to advance the lighting technology to improve the lighting and retrofits in the facilities.
The Million LED Challenge is now in phase 2 of installing different types of LED lights and retrofit kits in the facilities to improve their lighting quality and make their lighting more customizable. The program directors are also looking for more ways to advance LED lighting technology.
Click here to read the full article originally posted on LEDs Magazine.


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