Using Lighting Controls for Increased Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector

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The concept of sustainability is most often associated with the environment. Businesses adopt practices that reduce their environmental strain like implementing renewable resources, actively recycling, and reducing energy usage. Sustainability can mean reusing towels to reduce water usage and turning off lights in unoccupied rooms in the hospitality sector.

Sustainability can also be about putting people first, and this comes naturally to the hospitality sector. The patient and guest experience are always a priority, and lighting can play a crucial role. Hospitals using human-centric lighting can better support their guests’ comfort and well-being and meet their sustainability goals.

Lighting Controls for Increased Sustainability

Here’s a look at how lighting controls can help improve a patient’s experience and contribute to sustainability.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Lighting in hotel guest rooms typically includes overhead fixtures, corner lamps, and small reading lights. A toggle switch controls the lights, often resulting in overly bright and inefficient lighting. The uneven lighting leaves some room corners dark, while other areas may be too bright. Guests spend time playing around with the toggle switches, trying to get the lighting just right for their task.

Installing lighting controls can resolve many of the issues guests often have with hotel room lighting. Replacing toggle switches with dimming controls is both affordable and energy-efficient. Using a human-centric lighting design, guests can personalize their room’s lighting to create a warm and inviting environment while also reducing energy usage.

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Incorporating Automation

Installing switches, keypads, and dimmers is only the start of a sustainable approach to hospitality lighting. Automation can boost sustainability, maximize efficiency, and improve the guest’s experience. Sensors, wireless technology, and integrating the lighting with hotel management systems are examples of automation.

Modern technology allows a guestroom management system to get the room ready before the guest opens their door. The lighting controls can be activated as the guest is checking in. The controls can adjust the room’s temperature, turn the lights on, and send a welcome message to the room’s television. The room is bright, well-lit, and welcoming for the guest’s arrival while still cutting back on energy usage.

Occupancy and vacancy sensors can automatically turn the lights on and off as the guest enters or leaves the room. The controls can adjust the thermostat to a pre-set temperature to reduce energy usage after the guest checks out. Some advanced lighting controls can be integrated into the hotel’s management system, sending alerts to staff if an issue occurs.

Wireless lighting controls can increase sustainability and save on material costs. Wireless technology uses fewer metal and plastic components compared to wired controls. An added benefit is the scalability of wireless technology. The system can grow with the business.

Did you know we have an entire blog feed dedicated to lighting controls? We also have an interactive lighting controls education center that offers an in-depth look into commercial lighting control systems.

Shading and Daylighting

Shades and drapes on hotel room windows are inefficient and can take away from the guest’s experience. Daylighting controls take advantage of natural light, further reducing energy costs. The controls can also reduce the demand placed on the hotel’s HVAC system, reducing wear and tear. Guests can enjoy the outside scenery, a welcome addition to any hotel room. Instead of feeling closed in, guests can enjoy a room with a more open and welcoming atmosphere.

The controls can be automated. Automatically opening the shades during the day and closing them at night. The technology also gives guests easy control over the window shades.

Improved Energy Savings

Lighting controls like witches, dimmers, sensors, shades, panel hardware, and connected software promotes sustainability through energy savings. These advances system can track everything from energy usage to alerting housekeeping when a room is vacant and ready for cleaning. The controls can help streamline your hotel’s daily operations. Best of all, managers can control the system from one smart device.

With improved energy savings, hotels have extra funds to use for other sustainability projects.

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Lighting controls for increased sustainability makes sense in the hospitality sector. From controlling the lights and room temperature to alerting hotel staff if an issue occurs, lighting controls are becoming a necessity in hotels. If you’re ready to upgrade your lighting system to a more efficient and sustainable one, contact Action Services Group today by calling 610-558-9773, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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