What You Should Expect From A Service Provider

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Selecting a national lighting maintenance, sign, and electrical service provider can be a difficult task for a number of reasons. Finding an organization with the adequate: resources, manpower, equipment and service management software often takes time, effort and energy. In today’s post, we are going to look at the items you should be evaluating when vetting a national lighting, sign, and electrical service provider.


National Lighting Maintenance, Electrical and Sign Service Key Values

  1. Available Resources 

    The first criterion on which a potential company should be evaluated is, do they have the equipment to service the lighting and signage at your facility? You need to understand if the company has the necessary resources to manage the workload, trucks for different height service requirements, etc.….

  2. Available Personnel

    The second item on which you should evaluate a potential lighting partner is do they have the personnel needed to service all of your facilities around the country? For many large organizations that have facilities dispersed around the country, it’s important to make sure the potential lighting partner has the staff to manage all these facilities simultaneously. Do they have the capability to not only mange the workload, but can they also manage a roll-out project simultaneously?

  3. Reporting Capabilities

    Potential lighting partners need to have the ability to both collect lighting data and then present that information back to you in a way that helps you make actionable business decisions. Having the ability to put together data-driven reports is a necessary skill set for any potential lighting partner.

  4. Capturing Lighting & Sign Component Data

    Does the national lighting maintenance and sign service company capture the lighting and sign component data for each of your facilities. By collecting this information, you ensure that the correct lighting will always be installed at your facility on the first trip ensuring faster service completion, minimize return trip charges and the ability to offer energy-efficient recommendations.

  5. Lighting Recommendations

    The right national lighting maintenance will always be prompting their clients to look at different LED products that could help their business save money. Generally speaking LED’s help businesses in three ways, they increase the lighting performance of the light, they reduce the maintenance expense of the lights by extending the lifespan and reduce the energy expense by using a lower wattage. A good partner will always be making recommendations to their client based on the best lighting product solution.

  6. Is the Company “Product Neutral” 

    Is the potential national lighting service provider a “product-neutral” provider? This is a very important consideration because if the company is tied to only one or two suppliers it’s likely that you aren’t getting the best product recommendation for your facility because they would have fewer choices. By ensuring that the national lighting service provider is product-neutral you ensure that regardless of manufacturer or supplier you are going to get the best product for your particular application.

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In conclusion, you are looking for a national lighting maintenance and sign service partner, not a provider. In doing so you need to make sure that the partner has both the capabilities, manpower and business model to help your organization succeed. Use the questions above to guide you as you vet a solution provider. If you haven’t yet selected a national lighting maintenance and sign service provider, reach out to us here at Action Services Group by calling 610-558-9773, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below. We would be happy to speak with you about your needs. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.


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