Why Are School Districts Retrofitting to LED? 

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In central Washington, high school administrators made the decision to switch the school’s lighting from traditional fluorescents to LED. The change has brought significant change to the school, from energy efficiency and performance, to making the school more environmentally friendly. The school decided the best lighting to meet their needs were the Lumiere Level Lighting Controls (LLLCs). The LLLCs offered the school innovative control options, energy efficiency, easier maintenance, and plenty of local utility incentives. Bonus, the staff and students gave a lot of positive feedback during the first semester. 
LED retrofits can provide lots of flexibility for any facility because of the vast options available for all individual needs. A few key things to keep in mind when investigating what LED is your best option 

  • What is your main savings goal for the retrofit? 
  • Energy savings 
  • Maintenance Savings  
  • Are you looking to improve visual appeal and performance? 
  • Is your goal social responsibility or sustainability?  

For the Enumclaw School District’s high school, they went with an option that allowed classrooms to dim their lights via iPad. This provides educators with the lighting resources they need to manage their classrooms, counseling centers or personal offices. Providing the option to lower the amount of light being used, gives the school district the opportunity to save money on energy. 
“The largest benefit is, of course, the energy savings but, the improved light quality and ability to tailor lighting levels to the occupants needs has also been a great success,” said Enumclaw School District Facilities Manager Peter French. “We also love having the look of the fixture match the new construction.” 
Click here to read the full article originally posted on Facility Executive.


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